There’s no question that the world is moving quickly and with new technology, social media, new forms of online entertainment, ever-changing business models, and a wider scope of educational resources all available at our fingertips there is little reason why you shouldn’t be connected to the internet. Added to this, the cost of having an internet connection has become a lot more affordable.

Here are the top 10 uses of the Internet today:

1.            Business | Trading | Work from Home

Here at Webafrica we recently celebrated one year of remote working, a model that more businesses are adopting post-covid. With this, we are also seeing more work opportunities being created via online channels from social media to affiliate programmes to entirely novel career paths. We’re literally out here asking: Are We Living In The Future?

And all you need is a fast, reliable internet connection.  

2.            Education

The internet has made education and upskilling more accessible to anyone looking to enrich themselves. With a vast array of free online courses through platforms like Google Learning, educational sites like Coursera, and tutorials featuring a range of topics on YouTube, people can upskill themselves in just about any field without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Making use of these online tools is a huge time and money saver too!

3.            Social Networking

Social Networking has become one of the most popular internet usage drivers. Keeping in touch with family and friends across the world, sharing special moments, and even running an entire business online.

The possibilities are endless…

4.            Online Banking

Banking online has made life easier and safer for individuals. Transferring money, paying bills, and generally managing funds has a home in the palm of our hand. Most banks offer a host of services online including benefits and perks for using online, cashless facilities.

5.            Online Shopping

A majorly popular use of the internet is online shopping! With more stores offering amazing online deals, like Takealot, Superbalist, and UberEats to name a few, online shopping is easy, safe, and super convenient.

Shopping online also allows you as a consumer more opportunity to price match and get a better view of the best deals! We could argue that online shopping has changed the game for shopaholics and the old-school “coupon collectors”.

6.            Entertainment | Gaming

No matter the weather, everyone needs a day off to just chill and take a load off. With various streaming sites both local and international and gaming platforms, this has become easier and cheaper. Gaming has progressed into a full-time career for many, on platforms like Twitch, thanks to the internet.  

7.            E-News

We no longer have to wait around to read yesterday’s headlines. You can keep up to date with breaking news, weather updates, and all current affairs. The internet, coupled with social media, has created a short-form and easily consumable means of sharing topical issues although many question the newsworthiness and credibility of these sites. One thing is for sure, more people, from a wider demographic, are consuming world news compared to before the internet.

8.            Research

The internet has revolutionised the way we search for things. Resources for DIY projects, school projects, work insights, and many other interests and topics are all available online. This article right here is being done via the net!

9.            Communication

Gone are the days of sending letters via pigeon post. With today’s technology, we can send emails, instant messages, photos, videos, and much more at the literal click of a button!

10.         Online Dating

Single? Ready to mingle? Why not try one of the hundreds of safe and verified online dating sites out there?

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Here are the top 10 uses of the internet today. There is little reason why you shouldn’t be connected to the internet.
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