As the last month of autumn rolls in we are definitely leaning more and more towards cosy evenings in, snuggled up with a blanket, on the couch, with or without a significant other, a friend or your cats (we recommend the cats – they don’t have any movie preferences).

Here is what you can look forward to in streaming in South Africa this May.

Showmax Must Watch List May 2019

Game Of Thrones

Obviously, we are still counting down the “sleeps” to Monday every week for the foreseeable future while the final season of our favourite “epic” unrolls on Showmax. We know we mentioned it last month. We don’t care. We are on the edge of our seats waiting to find out who (if anyone) ends up on the Iron Throne.

In The Long Run S1
Set in the 1980s, the Easmons are an immigrant family making their way in London. Then a long lost uncle from Sierra Leone, “funcle” Valentine, shows up on their doorstep and life is never quite the same again.

The Good Fight S1 & S2
If you loved the Good Wife then you should enjoy this spin-off show which places Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) as the main character. She is restarting her life with a new job and a new city and plenty of new adventures.

Survivor S32, S33 & S34

There is probably no introduction necessary for this franchise. The nail-biting reality show has gone from a once a week event to something you may easily find yourself watching an entire season of in a weekend! In these seasons Jeff Probst is taking the “survivors” to the exotic locations of Cambodia and Fiji.

Bonus Watch: Will and Grace

(In case you missed it) If you’re over 30 you’ll appreciate this re-boot of an old favourite. All too often re-boots fall sadly short of the original, but this is not the case with Will and Grace. Worth a look at if you just need a good laugh and not too much drama.


Netflix South Africa Must Watch List May 2019

Tiny House Nation

If you love shows about home design, small spaces and unusual living arrangements then you will enjoy Tiny House Nation. In this show, two designers are travelling the US and helping families to create their beautiful mini homes.

Dead to Me

This dark comedy is about a widow who’s decided to take the law into her own hands and hunt down the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband. In the process, she forms a friendship with an eccentric optimist who turns out to be more than she seems.

Coming later in May…

Spartacus S1-S4

This action-packed gladiator series is set in motion when a Thracian man is condemned to a violent death in the arena, only to outlive his executioners and become the enslaved gladiator, Spartacus.

We have not included a trailer as the content is deemed unsuitable for sensitive viewers. 

Still Laugh-in: The Stars Celebrate

Need a laugh? This Netflix special sees a celebrity cast crack us up in their “Celebration of comedy” show. Featuring Lily Tomlin, Snoop Dog, Billy Crystal, Tiffany Haddish, Niel Patrick Harris and many more.

More Titles Coming to Netflix in May 2019:
1 May 2019
Munafik 2
Robin Hood The Rebellion
Knock Down The House
2 May 2019
Tiny House Nation
3 May 2019
Get Out
Dead to Me
Tuca & Bertie
Alles ist gut
Despite Everything
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
The Last Summer
All In My Family
True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Mushroom Town
6 May 2019
The Wandering Earth
10 May 2019
Wine Country
ReMastered: The Lion’s Share
The Society
Dry Martina
13 May 2019
Malibu Rescue
14 May 2019
Charité at War
Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020
Still Laugh-in: The Stars Celebrate
15 May 2019
Well Intended Love
16 May 2019
Good Sam
17 May 2019
It’s Bruno
Morir para contar
See You Yesterday
Saverio Raimondo: Il Satiro Parlante
1994: Limited Series
Chip & Potato x
21 May 2019
Wanda Sykes: Not Normal
22 May 2019
23 May 2019
Slasher: Solstice
24 May 2019
High Seas (Alta Mar)
What / If
Rim of the World
The Perfection
Disney Beauty and the Beast (2017)
27 May 2019
Historical Roasts Series
30 May 2019
Chopsticks – Netflix Original Film
31 May 2019
When They See Us
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)
Vis a Vis – Netflix Original Series
Playing with Fire (Jugar con fuego)
Always Be My Maybe
Killer Ratings
Grown Ups 2

Remember, your streaming is always better on a Fibre line. Not only that, but Fibre is now cheaper than ADSL!

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