To keep your laptop running like a well-trained unicorn, it’s important to maintain your loyal devices on a monthly basis and it’s vital to keep track of the ever-changing software updates.

Creating a PC cleanliness checklist of things you need to do on a regular basis helps a lot.

Here are 5 things that positively must be on your PC hygiene checklist:

  • Clean Out Your Computer Files and Data

    Clean your computer data once a month. Junk files accumulate and storing too much data can slow your computer down. Uninstall unneeded programs and delete old files. Use the built-in disk cleanup tool to clean out your disk space (You should do this for your phone, too).

  • Clean Up Your Computer

    Physically clean your computer, it prevents dust balls from accumulating in the cooler fans and other internal areas of the device. Wipe the screen so that it’s clear to keep using the device in high definition with your next Netflix binge or, well… if you want to catch up on some work.

  • Update Your Software

    Make sure that all of your installed program /application versions are as updated possible. Most PC’s will have an update function built in to auto-update. We suggest checking them routinely, especially if the device is not set up to auto-update. This keeps your computer safe from viruses and definitely includes checking for Windows updates that may have been missed to re-install them ASAP.

  • Do an Antivirus Scan

    Do a deep scan, it will go through your entire system and check for any hidden viruses or Trojan horses in your system files.

  • Backup Your Data

    It’s important to back up your data regularly, depending on the importance of your files. This will recover any backed up files, in case your data somehow gets lost to a creepy software like Ransomware or others like it.


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