Your SSID (Wi-Fi name), firstly, is your Wi-Fi network identity. And therefore, should be your personal possession not a hot-spot for the whole community (unless otherwise). You can add some fun, humour, sassiness and creativity towards naming your Wi-Fi name.

Moreover, make sure you secure your Wi-Fi; so you can keep the Wi-Fi leeches, freeloaders and data-bandits away.

You can make sure that your Wi-Fi is secure by choosing the below security type and set-up a complicated passphrase, Wi-Fi key, or network key etc.


wifi key

1. Ouch!



2. I guess the free wifi-ride is over.





3. Take the road Jack and don’t you come back!



4. It’s your call.



5. That awkward moment – when you’ve been cut-off.






6. Scary stuff.