Here’s our pick of the 10 best South African technology websites to get your daily fix of news, reviews, opinion pieces and infographics.


1. My BroadBand

MyBroadband is one of South Africa’s biggest websites, and is its most popular technology website, with 1 million unique monthly visitors. The site covers everything from ADSL news to IT jobs with a South African focus.

2. TechCentral

TechCentral is about news, reviews and comment in the South African IT world. They aim to always provide independent reporting (they don’t republish press releases on principle) and their agenda is clearly laid out: a belief in free enterprise, and privatisation and deregulation to grow South Africa’s economy.

3. Bandwidth Blog

BandwidthBlog covers the gamut of tech content, including news on social media, online trends and the mobile sector, gadget and game reviews, articles on local and international startups, and video interviews with web entrepreneurs.

4. Memeburn

Memeburn focuses on everything digital in the emerging markets sphere, from current events in the world of social media, mobile and general technology, to in-depth interviews with the likes of WordPress creator and CEO. The writers are a mixture of in-house journalists, but the majority of the site’s content is produced by external contributors, from tech bloggers and journalists to well-known entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

5. Mail & Guardian

Well-researched editorial about South African-related technology issues and trends are covered in the ‘Sci tech’ section of the Mail & Guardian’s website, alongside syndicated international stories.

6. News24 Technology

The technology section of South Africa’s most popular website covers general international technology news, as well as local stories.

7. Gearburn

An offshoot of Memeburn, Gearburn covers international gadget news in written and video reviews.

8. ITWeb

In a reversal of the usual publishing model, ITWeb started off as an online publication, and has branched into print publications ITWeb Brainstorm and iWeek. ITWeb is more business and policy focused than some of the other sites in this list, with most of its articles based around company and government news in the IT space.

9. Stuff

This is one of our CEO Tim Wyatt-Gunning’s favourite local technology websites. The local online version of the international print magazine is focused on tech and gadget reviews, covering phones, TVs, tablets, games, cameras, laptops and GPSs. This is the site to come to when you’re on the hunt for your next birthday present.

10. ITNewsAfrica

ITNewsAfrica covers technology news from the continent, split into regions (West, East, Southern and North), along with company news, in-depth features, opinion pieces and listings of tech events, aimed at a business-minded audience.


If you’re wondering why there aren’t any technology blogs on this list it’s because we’re going to be covering them in a future blog. Do tell us about your favourites in the comments.

Do you have any South African technology sites that you would add to this list?