Having the right domain name is as important as what you name your business: it’s key for search traffic and branding.

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1. Short and sweet

Although you can register a domain name of up to 63 characters (www.carwashingservicecapetownwewashcars.co.za anyone?) Try to keep you domain name under 10 characters. The shorter your name is the easier it will be for people to type it accurately.

2. Be unique

Don’t choose a domain name similar to a big website – for example don’t use hyphenated versions of popular domains (www.mash-able.com is way to similar to www.mashable.com for people to remember your site). Use our domain checker tool to see what domains are available.

3. Make it easy to remember and easy to type

Use a catchy, memorable name that doesn’t have a weird spelling and avoid using hyphens or numbers.

4. Use keywords

Make use of relevant keywords in your domain name that describe the nature of your business. For example, if you own a catering business, you might want to register www.joburgcatering.co.za or www.joburgcaterers.co.za. Ideally your brand name combines something catchy with a keyword, for example www.jozicateringqueens.co.za.

5. Register multiple domains

Looking to buy a .co.za domain? Consider buying the matching .com, .net and .org domains if they’re available, to avoid confusion and stake your claim.

6. Consider other spellings of your brand

Does your brand have common misspellings or typos? Consider registering those too.

7. Hold onto that domain (to save)

Register your domain name for at three two years or more (at Web Africa we allow you to register your domain for up to five years to get discounts. One year of a .co.za registration is R85, two years is R161.50, three years is R221.50, four years is R289 and five years is only R340.

8. Buy the negative domains 

Worried about people creating (your brand)sucks.co.za type sites? Many companies pre-emptively register these type of domains to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

9. Don’t wait around!

Each day 100 000 domains are snapped up. Don’t wait around in case your business name is taken. Even if you haven’t launched your business yet (but you have an idea and a brand name), consider buying the domain pre-emptively.

10. Choose Web Africa to save on domain registration

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