Welcome back, People of the South! In continuation of previous gamer blogs – you now have the understanding of the basic inner workings of Fortnite (one of our favourite games) as well as some general gamer jargon that will have you sounding like a pro (until you are one 😉 ), it’s time to list the top 5 devices on the scene at the moment, to not only optimize your PC gaming experience but really elevate your overall in-game status to a level of no return (in a good way).

To do our PC gamers a solid, we thought it would be cool to list some of the top PC gaming devices at the moment, simply because most of us would have a PC to use, if not a gaming console –  it’s only fair to provide some information on what works best when gaming using your FACEFLAPPINGLY” fast Webafrica internet connection to game 😉

Top 5 PC Gaming devices:

  1. Logitech G930 Gaming Headset
  • If playing in groups is your thing, you’d want this gaming headset. With a noise-cancelling microphone, 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, impressive surround sound, you can receive and deliver your commands to teammates smoothly and clearly.
  1. Razer Tiamat Gaming Headset
  • Experience 7.1 Surround sound with this gaming headset for clear and distinct sounds in your game. You can tune the sound for each channel using the advanced controller that comes with the headset.
  • It has soft ear pads to make the headset fit with ease and comfortably over your ears.
  1. Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse
  • This mouse may look demure (don’t be fooled though) but it’s perfectly engineered for gaming, it has 9 programmable buttons for easy access during gameplay and it supports the storage of three user profiles, along with their lighting preference, so that you can find those profiles ready even at a different PC.
  • This mouse can also perform flawlessly over a variety of different surfaces.
  1. Razer Orochi Chrome Edition Gaming Mouse
  • This gaming mouse provides wireless gaming with Bluetooth connectivity for hassle-free gaming. It has a 3G laser sensor which provides about 5 times the speed of a normal optical mouse.
  • The keys also feel amazing.
  1. Redragon K552 KUMARA – PC gamer Keyboard OR Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard
  • The K552 is by far one of the best priced mechanical gaming keyboards available at the moment.
  • You can hear the audible click sound with these and they are considered medium resistance.

         OR Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard

  • Widely considered to be one of the best gaming keyboards of all time, it is a mighty mechanical keyboard with best-in-class construction.
  • There is just something about that cool black anodized, brushed aluminium frame that will make you look twice.
  • The keys feel great, and the backlighting is pleasant without being overpowering.
  •  Simple design.
  • The K70 delivers great performance and most gamers around couldn’t ask for more. It’s an amazing introduction to the world of mechanical keyboards.

We know that you are awesome, simply because you chose Webafrica as your ISP, we also know a few things about online gaming including the trending PC gaming devices out there and hope you are now all set to become the next big game-streamer South Africans have been waiting for. 😉



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