Podcasts have rapidly become one of the most used (non-video) storytelling mediums of our age. South Africans have fast picked up the trend and we are making some pretty impressive waves in the Podcast world.

Podcasts are popular because they offer a certain level of intimacy and interaction with listeners while being easy to access and listen to while you’re busy doing something else, especially if you’re using your Webafrica internet to stream them.

Podcasts can communicate to a like-minded community of listeners on any topic you think of. From politics to music to tech to kids stories, there are podcasts about pretty much everything. The best podcasters have dedicated channels with regular new publications, and are usually based around a central theme.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular South African podcasts, across a variety of topics, for you to try out. Some are about being South African, some are about business, some are about music, and some are just plain entertaining.

Hopefully, you’ll find something here you want to come back to, because, you know, #WebafricaCares.

Our 10 Favourite South African Podcasts

(As of December 2018)



Journalist and author Paul McNally produces this long-form investigative podcast that follows the story of Anthony De Vries, a man who’s been in jail for 17 years for murders he says he didn’t commit. Alibi is interesting to say the least.





First Person


Jayne Morgan — who has extensive experience in both radio and podcasts — was commissioned by Kagiso Media to create a cast that told South African stories. She, in turn, joined forces with Marianne Thamm and they realized they wanted to hear about “people who weren’t celebrities or politicians, people you would never know about otherwise”. First Person really makes for some good conversations.





Lesser Known Somebodies

Simmi Areff started Lesser Known Somebodies last year when his, at the time radio station bosses wouldn’t put him on the air anymore, he then decided to just do it all, himself. Check out his interesting topics of discussion.





Sound Africa

Founded in 2015, Sound Africa is a podcast that aims to capture some of the the…lets call it… “complexities” of South Africa and the continent.


The JUST NOW Comedy Podcast


This show is about everything related to stand up comedy, both at home and internationally. It’s about the business of stand up itself and what’s trending in the industry.





Small Business MBA

This podcast is geared towards the small business owner and intrepid entrepreneurs who are serious about getting somewhere. Hosted by Raizcorp trainer Yasmeen Alli, the show brings plenty of practical advice, hints and tips on running your business.




Two G’s in a Pod

If you’re looking for a laugh then look no further. Two G’s in a pod brings you a variety of stand up comedians doing what they do best – making us laugh.




The South African Music Show

If you’re looking for the latest, the trendiest and the best in South African music then this is a podcast you should follow. Introducing SA music, new and old, these guys know the business and will fill your ears with all kinds of good sounds.



1210 Podcast

Here is a prime example of how artists can use a podcast to share and grow their musical (or any other genre) influence. This Cape Town based Drum & Bass podcast is showcasing local musicians and helping them be heard at home and internationally.



Your own Podcast

If there’s one thing South Africans do well, it’s telling stories. Podcast listening won’t grow until podcast creations do. Why not start your own podcast today?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting one, if you think you have an original and interesting story to tell, then there’s no better time than the present. We are so excited to see your name on this list soon.


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