A SMART TV is a lot like a computer, enabling awesome features such as browsing the web, YouTube binges in HD and it even allows you to catch up on some social media networking. The SMART TV is a perfect combination of a computer and a flat-screen television set.

Here are five cool things your SMART TV can do that you might not have known about:

  1. Stream Live Feeds
  • It is super captivating to watch something as it happens – a SMART TV can help you do that, viewing the action in real time
  • A good application to download to ensure the best live streaming feeds is UPSTREAM , it’s a cool free app that allows for live feeds across the globe
  1. Web Browsing
  • Want the biggest display? Smart TV is (one of) the best HD widescreen monitors. Most have a built-in browser, so you can actually search the internet without the use of a computer at all
  • Another option is hooking up that small screen laptop to your Smart TV with an HDMI cable, this will allow for “Mirror Activity” from your laptop/PC directly to your HD widescreen Smart TV
  1. Help You Get Fit and Healthy
  • Can’t get to the gym? No problem. Your Smart TV can help you get in shape with great apps. For example, Samsung flagships app is a fitness app haven
  • It provides dozens of videos for daily exercises in the privacy of your own home
  • This fitness app includes training on Yoga, aerobics and bodybuilding, to name a few
  • There is even an option to have a personal trainer guide that helps you through your routines
  • No special equipment required, aside from maybe an exercise mat and dumbbells for that extra exercise Feng Shui
  1. Local Weather for the Better
  • A good Smart TV app to download for weather would be one of these: AccuWeather / The Weather Network / Weather channel
  • You are able to schedule these weather updates on your Smart TV, just to make sure you know exactly what to expect for the day
  1. Radio Jams with Smart TV
  • Real cool applications to consider downloading on your Smart TV to have access to your favourite radio stations and/or podcasts include apps like TuneIn & iHeart Radio
  • These allow for live streaming for both AM and FM frequencies
  • These allow for Podcast live feeds as well

Now go and use that Smart TV to the best of its capabilities!

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