It’s always interesting to see what the majority of searches are on Google. I am sure out of the top 10 lists below you would have at least searched for one of these topics last year (or even this year)?

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 Top 10 Searches in South Africa in 2013

  Top Searches People Events Technology
1 Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela BBM for Android
2 Oscar Pistorius Oscar Pistorius Paul Walker dies WeChat
3 Paul Walker Paul Walker Boston Bombing Samsung Galaxy S4
4 Defencex Vuyo Mbuli Reeva Steenkamp Furneral Blackberry 10
5 Vuyo Mbuli Reeva Steenkamp Red October iOS 7
6 OLX Cory Monteith Gupta Wedding Bitstrips
7 Standard Bank Internet Baby Jake Matlala Costa Concordia iPhone 5S
8 BBM for android Kim Kardashian Pinetown Accident Samsung Galaxy S3
9 Reeva Steenkamp Burry Stander Zimbabwe Elections Xbox One
10 Royal Baby Lance Armstrong Vuyo Mbuli Funeral FIFA 14


Top 10 Searches Globally in 2013

Top Searches People Events Movies
1 Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela Boston Marathon Man of Steel
2 Paul Walker Paul Walker Typhoon Haiyan Iron Man 3
3 iPhone 5 Malala Yousafzai Government Shutdown World War Z
4 Cory Monteith James Gandolfini 2014 FIFA World Cup Django Unchained
5 Harlem Shake Miley Cyrus Chinese New Year Despicable Me
6 Boston Marathon Oscar Pistorius Australian Open Gravity
7 Royal Baby Jennifer Lawrence Eurovision Song Contest Chennai express
8 Samsung Galaxy S4 Aaron Hernandez Wimbledon Les Miserables
9 PlayStation 4 Charlie Hunnam Syria Conflict The Conjuring
10 North Korea Adrian Peterson EuroBasket Argo


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