Free stuff online – today’s topic: fitness apps for life! 

After a busy, productive day of earning your salary, or not – when traffic has officially poked at your last nerve, you finally arrive at home – and it’s YOU time. Not only are we here to ensure your Netflix binge goes as planned, but Webafrica would like to think we can help with your health too, you know…because #WebafricaCares! 😉

Gone are the days of publically sharing your “exercise look” when you hit the gym (please note you are beautiful to us either way). While we love the gym, it’s good to know you can stay fit in your own home too, with a bit of help from the internet.

We would like to share the top 5 trending fitness apps, easy to integrate into your daily routines and convenient in allowing your healthy self to have an improved, fitter lifestyle at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.

Here you go…

The Top 5 Free Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone:

  1. Nike Training Center: NTC
  • A fun interactive fitness application that allows you to set bench-marks to measure your fitness progress, target developmental areas and track your achievements
  • Build your own daily plan based on your bench-marks and achievements
  1. Runkeeper
  • Allows you to use your phone’s GPS transceiver to log your running pace and distance on various routes
  • The app measures your fitness and endurance levels
  • App features include audio updates on progress from routine to routine , a tempo-rate tracker and a pretty cool music integration to keep it fun and relevant to your musical tastes
  1. ARGUS
  • An all-in-one activity tracker that monitors sleeping patterns, heart rate, calories etc.
  • The app monitors calories by scanning the barcodes of your product to measure and track your intake to encourage the healthiest purchases instead of that lekker chocolate staring at you in your peripheral
  • It offers challenges to overcome and allows you to build your unique daily fitness routines
  1. FiTnessBuilder
  • Offers a diverse catalogue of workouts specifically designed to better your performance on formulated routines
  • No special equipment needed
  1. SWORKIT Lite
  • Provides quality gym routines
  • No in-app purchases
  • Allows you to choose from hundreds of workouts categorized under the 4 major groups – Yoga, Strength, Cardio and stretching

The above apps definitely make for a convenient approach to a healthier lifestyle. Which is important given how extremely demanding our days can get. Enjoy the read, stay fit and remember Webafrica cares!

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