We all know that we are supposed to use a safe, un-figure-out-able password to protect our sensitive information from hackers, fraudsters and cyber criminals.

However, the majority of people are still using predictable passwords and using the same password across all of their platforms, banking apps and logins. The problem with this is of course that  once a clever hacker guesses your first password they have access to everything that you do online.

Are you one of the 50% of people using the 25 most common passwords online? Let’s find out.

The 25 Most Common Passwords

  1. 123456
  2. Password
  3. Qwerty
  4. 696969
  5. Letmein
  6. Football
  7. Iloveyou
  8. Admin
  9. Welcome
  10. Monkey
  11. Login
  12. Abc124
  13. Starwars
  14. 123123
  15. Dragon
  16. Master
  17. Hello
  18. Freedom
  19. Whatever
  20. Qazwsx
  21. Trutno1
  22. Mustang
  23. Shadow
  24. 11111
  25. Baseball

Then we also have the top three categories, which may not be on the “exact match” top 25 list, but they are not hard to guess:

  1. Your pet’s name
  2. Your child’s name
  3. Your Spouses name

If you are using any of these as your password you may want to consider changing it up, pronto!




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