Don’t be DOM! You can still go out and have fun from the comfort of your own home! Here are a few resources that you could use for inspiration to keep you living your life to the fullest, without leaving the house:

Do your favourite work out class:

You don’t have to be at the gym to do a work out class these days. With Lockdown preventing millions of people across the world from exercising in their favourite gyms, various personal trainers have been hitting the web to give people the opportunity to exercise during these difficult times. 

Virgin Active has made various fitness videos available on DStv Now and Catch Up for viewers to enjoy at any time – as many times as they like! They have videos for Yoga, Meditation, Mobility training, Metabolic Conditioning and various other high-intensity training resources. The online training does not stop there! If you are a Virgin Active member, you can hop onto the Virgin Active App or log in on their website.

The South African morning show, Espresso, also did a pretty cool segment on exercising with your kids. Luckily, it’s posted on YouTube so you haven’t missed a thing!

Tone it up

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott post a variety of workout videos such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), prenatal exercises, strength training and cardio. There are videos which even show you how to use household items such as chairs and coffee tables as makeshift gym equipment.

Boho Beautiful

Juliana Spicoluk & Mark Spicoluk is passing on their expertise of Yoga, Pilates, General Fitness and even Vegan Food!

Walking at Home

Need something a little more simple? Try doing walking at home classes! Young and old can do this one and it’s actually quite fun!

Go for a run in nature:

If you have a treadmill, this one will be useful! If you just want a mix of YouTube videos to on playback during your sessions, you can try this playlist

Another option is Treadmill TV. There are various other awesome videos you can try out to make those normal boring treadmill run, a fun experience in nature. The cool thing about this is that they also do 360-degree videos! 

Play Sports:

Sports simulation

F1: Formula1 Racing has given fans the opportunity to watch F1 racing in a simulation, due to the postponement of the Grand Prix! 

Online sports games

If you like computers and sports equally… might be a great way to keep your head in the game! Online sports games have been around for a long time. From Basketball games to Football games, you can do them all! 

The most popular by far is, of course, FIFA 20 (and all its predecessors). The game has delighted gamers for years and it just keeps getting better and better. The game is so realistic and fun that top football (soccer) players around the world play it against each other on the online version, Ultimate Team. You can play FIFA on your computer, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or on compatible mobile phones. 

If you have a PlayStation Move, Xbox 360 Kinect or a Wii, there are many options for playing sports and moving your whole body at the same time. The gaming consoles all have their own specific sports packages so if you own one of these, time to get moving! 

Looking for something easy to kill time with? You can find plenty of free online sports games you and the kids. has various options; anything from Football, Pool, Running, Table Tennis, Archery and Baseball. 

Talking about gaming…

While we’re on the topic of gaming, check out some games that will keep you entertained feeling like you’re out there living life:

Board games

There are various board games that you could play with others online. If you like Cards Against Humanity, you can play the free game on – which they cleverly renamed to ‘Remote Insensitivity’ to avoid copyright infringement.

Scrabble, from EA Games, is available for your phone and can be download from your App Store (Android and iOS). Another popular word game that you can download is Zynga’s, Word with Friends which works the same as the Scrabble App. 

You can also play Monopoly online now. There are a few free versions out there such as SolitaireParadise, and of course, the OG can be found on your App Store (iOS or Android) so you can enjoy it on your phone. 

If you miss driving…Go for a spin!

We won’t even think twice about this one… Need for Speed is the legend that we have lived with since 1994. The game was first released on 3DO, DOS and Playstation Sega. It was only in 1997 that they brought us the PC version, Need for Speed II. Since then the game has evolved into a digital graphics masterpiece and worldwide fan-favourite, with the latest version being ‘Need for Speed Heat’. The graphics in this one is so realistic you will feel like you can reach through the screen and touch that shiny car. What’s best is you can go for a spin in the beautiful Palm City, without leaving your house! 

See the world:

All that street racing in Palm City (Need for Speed) might make you feel like travelling the world and seeing more beautiful sceneries. Try out these virtual travel experiences:

Museum Virtual Tours:

You can now take virtual tours of museums around the world. Google Arts & Culture has a whole section with over 2 000 museums, libraries and photo exhibitions at your fingertips. Simply pick the area you’d like to visit and once on their page, scroll down to “explore”. Some of the favourites: Rijksmuseum, The British Museum, The Guggenheim, La Casa Azul (‘The Blue House’ – Frida Kahlo’s home), Palace of Versailles, and of course many, many more! If you don’t want to sift through 2000 museums, you can check the ‘Explore’ page which features some of the best interactive features.

Other virtual experiences:

YouTube documentaries and videos

National Geographic has an awesome YouTube channel playlist filled with 360-degree videos. Experience deep sea diving, the Victoria Falls, Glow Worm caves in New Zealand, the Orangutan School in Borneo, a Kamchatka Volcano eruption, and many more at a click of a button. The National Geographic YouTube channel also features plenty of interesting documentaries. While you’re at it, you can check out Discovery Channel’s YouTube as well. 

There are tons of travel documentaries on YouTube. Here are a few to get you going:

Greece: Athens And The Islands – Travel Documentary 

Short Film: This Sahara Railway Is One of the Most Extreme in the World 

The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam

Caucasus: travel documentary (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia)


Congo: A journey to the heart of Africa (BBC Africa)  

There are plenty more so get searching and see the world from your couch!

Go to the beach:

If you want a trip to the beach, go soak up the sun and watch one of these videos. For extra effect, have the sunscreen bottle nearby and smell the sweet aroma of summer…

Tip: These also make great meditation companions!

Myrtos Beach (Greece) 

Cala Millor Beach (Mallorca Island, Spain)

Laguna Beach (USA) 

St. John Trunk Bay (Virgin Islands)

Miss seeing animals? No problem!

You can now live stream the game drives at Kruger National Park – now that’s Flippen Fast Fibre awesome! Check out the WildEarth’s SafariLIVE streams twice a day: starting 06:00 (Sunrise Safari) and the second one starting at 15:00 (Sunset Safari). If you’ve missed one, don’t panic – they keep the videos posted so you can catch up on what you missed in previous safaris

If you have hours (and data/fibre) to kill… here some live webcams:

South Africa’s bush cams:

Animal cams:

Have tea with granny:

You don’t have to be at granny’s house to have that cuppa tea. Just go to Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp and have that live chat with tea in hand. 

WhatsApp seems to be the easiest for most folks but take your pick and keep up with the latest gossip with friends and family through video chats.

Enjoy a concert:

There are various artists worldwide making efforts to perform live to encourage people to stay home. was the first to approach artists with free online shows. “Together at Home” challenge artists to live stream from home and play their music whilst answering questions from fans. It was kicked off by Chris Martin from Coldplay and passed on to John Legend. From there it has made its way through to artists like Icono Pop, Jason Mraz, Meghan Trainor, Bazzi, Jonas Blue, Bastille, James Bay, most recently Lady Gaga, and many more in between. The past streams can be found on the YouTube playlist with some songs being available on a Spotify playlist, ‘One World: Together at Home’

For a list of upcoming concerts, check out these resources:

Going to the movies…

Movies and Series

Watching movies and series have been made super easy these days via streaming portals (and of course our good ol’ broadcasting channels). Here are a few to choose from:

Remember the popcorn and slushies! 

Slushy recipe: 

Enjoy Yummy Meals:

To keep you going before UberEats opens again, why not make your own delicious foods by getting recipes and tips from the pros. Check out these cooking channels for inspiration:

Binging with Babish 

A YouTube channel where the chef creates interesting meals, some even recreated from movies, without making small talk. You just see his torso and his hands making magic… 

Bon Appétit

If you like something a little more… talkative and opinionated… then this one’s a very entertaining one. 


A variety of chefs cook easy-to-make meals that’s useful to us average cooks. You might have heard of the App too! Head to your App store and check it out.

Something for the adults…

Tipsy Bartender

Making fancy cocktails have never been this easy!

Steve the Bartender 

His name is Steve and he’s a bartender. With his soothing Australian accent he woes you with delicious cocktails…

Keep an eye out on our blog and social media for more tips on how to Go Out without leaving the house! #stayathome

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