The Webafrica teams have had a busy few weeks and we are happy to announce an array of new packages and partners on our shiny new network.

As always, we are making moves to stay ahead of the pack here at Webafrica, and that means constantly updating our offering and our services (and our marketing) to ensure that we can offer the best possible internet to as many people as possible.

It all started a few weeks ago with the launch of our new network. The migration was, over-all, a huge success, and we are already feeling the benefits of having everyone on our own network. As a starting point, it’s much easier for us to troubleshoot user issues and we can subsequently get problems solved faster than ever.

As we iron out all of the variables customers can expect to see consistently faster speeds across all of our packages, too.

Our New Fibre Packages and Partners

Webafrica and Openserve:

Webafrica have brought in a new set of packages on the Openserve network and it’s shaking up the way we do internet. What it means is that we now offer a range of packages on the Openserve network from as little as R399/month for an uncapped package on a 10Mbps line.

These new packages carry the same FUP as our previous entry-level Openserve packages, but they are substantially more affordable.

Webafrica and Vumatel:

Another benefit of our marvelous new network is the freedom to create more customized deals with our partners. The first of these being the 8Mbps Uncapped and 300Mbps Uncapped lines we now offer on the Vumatel network.

The 8Mbps Uncapped Fibre line brings in an affordable zero-FUP Uncapped option for those single guys and gals (and couples) who are just looking for a good general connection at home without needing to download the farm. The package does not carry a FUP threshold.

Our new 300Mbps Uncapped Fibre line is geared towards those running their empire from home (and of course the online gamers and YouTube sensations). It’s perfect for anyone needing to upload and download large files quickly, or those who don’t have time to think about what else is running before they click “send”. Best of all, there is no FUP applied on this package – so your 300Mbps is entirely unshaped, uncapped and unstoppable!

Webafrica brings in 3 new underlying infrastructure providers:

We are in the process of introducing two new providers on our network, namely Lightstruck , Clear Access, and Metro Fibre. The additions will help us to supply Fibre across more areas than before in South Africa.

On all three networks we will be covering installation costs, supplying customers with a free-to-use router, and there will be no FUP applied to any of them.

At the time of publishing these new providers are still busy being built into our back-end, but we will have them available for the public to order before too long – so don’t worry – there will still be plenty of time to Netflix and chill on your new Fibre line this winter. 😉

New Campaigns

If you’ve been following our progress for a while, you will know that Webafrica LOVE to shake things up with our marketing. Why? Well, as much as we find internet exciting AF (As Fibre), we know that it’s not really the most exciting thing to see ads for if you’re, well, you. Usually. Which is why we like to keep it fresh with bright colors, silly tag-lines and (hopefully) relevant social queues and references.

At the end of the day, the internet is whatever you make of it, so we decided to make it fun, user-friendly, and relevant to the people who are going to be using it.

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For more details on our Fibre packages, visit our Fibre Page. 



Please note: All Webafrica deals and packages are subject to change without notification. These include our terms and conditions as it relates to costs and deal/package structures for all of our service providers.

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