The Webafrica Sales Programme was designed to make it as easy as possible to rake in the cash and get sales.

With each referral, you can earn a minimum of R100 and a maximum of R250. Forgot how it works? Click here for all you need to know.

Now that you’re all signed up and filled in on the ins and outs of the programme, you might need help on how to start getting the sales. Don’t fear! We’ve got some helpful tips:

1. Start spreading the word

Word-of-mouth marketing is an age-old, timeless method used successfully by various companies and salespersons. You can do it easily just by telling a friend over coffee (even if they’re already a Webafrica customer) that you’re setting out on this new venture. Just mention how amazing the internet services are and that anyone interested can contact you directly. They will tell their friends and family and the word will get spread. Soon you’ll find a few people knocking at your door to find out what the buzz is about. You can then share all your knowledge and give them your unique link to sign up with.

2. Download our marketing material

We have made it easy to spread the word and get sales with our marketing collateral that you can download for free. Click here for a full list with links on our marketing material for your peruse.

3. Share your link on social media, SMS & WhatsApp

Social media networks have made it easy as pie to share information these days. You can make sales by simply sharing your link in a social media post. You can use the marketing material we have provided (see point 2 above) to add some colour to your post. You can also SMS or WhatsApp your friends. You can find some helpful text to copy/paste into your platform of choice, on your Customer Zone under “Earn Cash”.

4. Share your link on a blog/website

Blogs and websites are also great ways to share the exciting new deals available – not to mention it makes potential referrals trust your word a bit more. You can link out any buttons or hyperlinked content to your unique link to ensure that you’re going to benefit from the sign-up. You can add a contact form as well on most blogs and websites which means referrals can easily contact you and find out more information should they need to. Once again, you can make use of our handy marketing material to make your site look professional and trustworthy.

5. Email marketing

Emails are easy and best of all – you can send for FREE! Use our fun, colourful collateral (point 2 above) and tell your referrals all about the latest deals and how they could make a Fast, Affordable, Reliable and Better connection. Make sure they respond straight to you and use your unique referral link when placing an order. If you’re not too sure what to say just yet, we have some helpful text to copy/paste into your mail, on your Customer Zone under “Earn Cash”.

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