Part of the referring process is to ensure you find the right fit for your referral. The aim is for them to have an awesome internet experience and the best way to do that is to find out what their needs are.

Their needs can be based on several reasons, and the only way to find out is to ask. We have put together a few important questions that you could ask your referrals:

1. Do you currently use the internet?

The majority of people around the world are connected to the internet in one way or another. If they aren’t already and need a little bit of convincing around the amazing World Wide Web, check out our Top 10 Uses for the Internet.   

2. What type of connection are you using? (Mobile/LTE/Fibre)

Understanding what connection currently exists helps you to better understand how to help your referral to move forward with a faster, more reliable connection. If they are using Fixed LTE or mobile data and drowning in those pesky top-ups, recommend they move to Fibre – all our packages are UNLIMITED. That means on Fibre they can stream and surf as much as they want, and they’ll never run out of data.

Getting to the bottom of what kind of connection your referee has is crucial to understanding which of our services would suit the referral best:

3. What speeds do you get currently?

Speeds can be affected by the number of people connecting in the area (LTE or if you’re connected to an open/public WiFi spot) or the number of devices being connected in the home at a given time. With Fibre, you can choose a higher package to connect more devices and get faster speeds. You can ask your referral to check speeds via an online speed test.

4. How many devices do you connect?

This will depend on the line speed you choose as mentioned above (see point 3). To know whether your referral will need a higher or lower package, you will need to understand what their current usage is like. You find more information about speeds and devices, here.

5. What do you use your internet connection for? Streaming? Work? Study? Gaming?

Understanding someone’s goal and what they are looking to get out of their connection helps you to advise on the best possible package for them. For example, if they’re using it for streaming, a high download speed is best but upload speed is less important. For something like work, you will need a decent upload and download speed for those Zoom meetings and file uploads/downloads. Gaming requires a high-speed connection with a high download and high upload to minimise lag and crystal-clear graphics. Check out our article about speeds and their best uses, here.

6. What is your budget?

Knowing your referral’s budget will allow you to assist them in getting the best service and package to give them the best internet experience. Remember with Fibre you can upgrade and downgrade, so you also have the benefit of flexibility!

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