Here’s the second edition of us helping you to share your unique link with audiences far and wide. In Part 1 we shared how to use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok as marketing tools to help you grow your reach, referrals, and Rands… Here are the next four big platforms to start using today!

Just like with the other platforms, keep these few things in mind when posting affiliate links online:

You must disclose that you will be making money through this link: “You’re legally required by the FTC to disclose any relationship with a brand that is giving you compensation in exchange for promotion. Yes, this includes affiliate links shared on social media.” Read the FTC’s guidance for disclosing on social media.

You must own the platform on which you’re posting the link: Ensure you are abiding by each platform’s policies regarding adding affiliate links in the comments, pages, profiles, or links you don’t own.

Don’t be Spammy, Be Helpful: Don’t just post your affiliate link any and everywhere, rather limit your affiliate link sharing on socials where it’s relevant or adds value.

Now that we’ve covered the legal things, here’s the down low on posting on each platform…


Twitter is probably the simplest social media platform to share information with your affiliates via tweets, by including your unique affiliate link in your bio section, or by simply direct messaging potential clients by pasting your unique affiliate code just as you would share any other link…


You can post your unique link in the Video Description or in the comments section below the description. Bear in mind adding too many links can violate YouTube rules regarding spam. For the purpose of this programme, you only have one unique link to share so you should be safe…

  • Video Description

Providing links in this area of your YouTube videos helps your followers to get more information as well as learn more about the product and the benefits of the services. You can also share links to your other social channels or website, making it a one-stop for all information.

  • Comments Section

If you have allowed commenting below your video, you can also include a link in one of your own comments as long as it relates to the video. You may not post your unique link in other vloggers’ comments sections as that violates YouTube’s policies.


You can post your affiliate link on Twitch in the Stream Chat. Twitch allows user-generated content throughout the platform in virtually all media according to their Terms of Service


Use the status feature on WhatsApp to share some Vuma Reach marketing goodies and your unique link with your personal contacts, making it easy for them to ask questions and queries as soon as they see it on your status update…

Get posting, sharing, linking, and signing up with these tips. We are sure that you’re bound to make some steady moola soon. GOOD LUCK and happy sharing…

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