Part 1: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Tiktok

Social media is a great way to share your unique link with audiences far and wide. We are here to show you exactly how to do so, step-by-step, in a two-part guide series that covers the most used social media platforms in South Africa.

Before we get into it, keep these few things in mind before posting affiliate links:

You must disclose that you will be making money through this link – You’re legally required to disclose any relationship with a brand that is giving you compensation in exchange for promotion. Yes, this includes affiliate links shared on social media.

You must own the platform on which you’re posting the link – Ensure you are abiding by each platform’s policies regarding adding affiliate links in the comments, pages, profiles, or links you don’t own.

Don’t be spammy, be helpful – Don’t just post your affiliate link any and everywhere, rather limit your sharing on socials where it’s relevant or adds value.

This information was adapted from the FTC Disclosure Guidelines.

Now that we’ve covered the legal things, here’s the low-down on posting on each platform…


You have two options on Facebook:

  1. Share your link to your ABOUT section as a website link
  2. Post directly onto your timeline/ feed as  you would for any other post
  • About Section

You can use this section to share clickable links:

  1. Clicking on ABOUT
  2. Click on Contact and Basic Info
  3. Here you will be able to add website links (this is where you paste your affiliate links)
  4. Save

People will then be able to see and click your affiliate link when they visit your Facebook page.

  • Timeline/ Feed
    • Navigate to your Facebook page
    • Scroll to the top of your Newsfeed and under Create Post click the grey text next to your profile picture
    • Select your image (or use some of the Vuma Reach Marketing Goodies), your unique affiliate link, and a description of what Vuma Reach has to offer. A preview of the destination URL will appear below the text.
    • Check it & click POST

You can find more information on Facebook’s Help Center article: How do I share a link from my Facebook Page


Instagram has two places to add clickable links:

  1. Your Instagram Bio
  2. Instagram Story
  • Instagram Bio

You can post your affiliate link directly to this section

  1. Go to your Instagram Profile
  2. Click Edit profile
  3. Add your unique affiliate link to the website section

People will then be able to click on your affiliate link directly from your Instagram profile.

  • Instagram Story

In the Instagram app tap the plus sign icon in the upper right corner and select story.

  1. Create your Instagram Story by using one of the marketing images provided (Link it)
  2. After uploading the content to your story, tap the sticker icon in the top row
  3. Tap the Link sticker or search Instagram stickers in stories for the website link sticker
  4. Add your unique affiliate link and select Done
  5. Ensure you include a message explaining what the link is all about in your story so that your followers know to click on it.
  6. Post your story! 😊


Snapchat allows users to add affiliate links in 3 ways:-

  1. In Snaps sent to your followers
  2. In Snapchat stories
  3. In one-on-one chats

Snapchat allows you to post links but you are limited to a single link

  • Select the image from your marketing gallery (Link it)
  • Once you have your chosen image click the paper clip icon on the PREVIEW screen
  • Paste your unique affiliate link 
  • Tap Attach to Snap

Refer to this Snapchat Help article for more info.


TikTok allows affiliate links for business accounts. You can either switch your personal account to a business account using the TikTok app on your mobile device (the Desktop app doesn’t have a version to switch account types) or you can sign up for a business account.

Here’s how to switch to a business account on TikTok:

  1. Click on the three lines at the top right to open Settings > Privacy
  2. Select Manage Account
  3. Choose Switch to Business Account
  4. Choose one category for the account
  5. Add your unique affiliate link to the website section

Get posting, sharing, linking, and signing up with these tips. We are sure that you’re bound to make some steady moola through our sales programme real soon. GOOD LUCK and happy sharing…

Join us next time for Part 2 on more social media How To’s…

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