Being parent is probably one of the most important jobs many of us will ever have. It is also one of the scariest, especially when our children don’t even have to leave the house to be at risk.

The internet has brought us unprecedented powers of connectivity, endless information and access to education which was previously available only to a select few. However, it doesn’t come without risk.

From content that we don’t want our kids to see, to un-wanted communication with strangers, and even just the overload that comes from too much screen time, there are a lot of good reasons to curb your children’s internet access.

Luckily you don’t have to navigate these murky waters alone. Even tech developers have kids, which is why there are numerous fantastic parental control apps out there to help you keep your kids safe.

Our Favorite Free Parental Control Apps

K9 Web Protection

This parental control software is popular around the globe. It is compatible with most operating systems and works on both your mobile devices and your PC or laptop.

Use it to:

  • Block certain websites
  • Block certain types of content
  • Set time restrictions for your kids
  • Protect passwords

See it here.


Another popular parental control app which you can download absolutely free is Spyzie. It’s compatible with most operating systems and device types.

Use it to:

  • Block unwanted apps and sites
  • Set time restrictions for certain apps and sites
  • Remotely control your child’s device from your own device
  • It has a GPS tracker to allow you to keep an eye on your child’s whereabouts
  • You can monitor calls made, duration, time and sites visited by your children

See it here.

Kids Zone

This is a great app to install if your kids regularly have access to your own phone. It allows you to set up different users to ensure that your kids can only access apps which they should be allowed to, and won’t accidentally stumble into your personal apps.

See it here.

Paid Parental Control Apps

If you feel that parental control on your devices is something you are willing to spend money on, there are a few highly recommended paid apps on offer:

Norton Family Premier

Supports up to 10 devices. Comes complete with web content filters and the ability to set time limits on specific profiles. View it here.

ESET Parental Control

You can add unlimited android devices. Allows web content filters, overall time limits and app specific time limits. Available from R39 per month. View it here.


Supports five to fifteen devices. Comes with web content filters, overall time limits and app specific time limits. View it here.






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