Take steps towards online-life balance & faster internet.

Attachment issues aren’t cute… Since we’re spring-cleaning our homes, refreshing our environments, and paying closer attention to our self-care routines as we head into a new season; let’s clean out our digital spaces too.

Signs that you need to detox your devices:

If using digital devices has left you feeling a little less than great recently, then that may be the first sign that you’re in need of a digital detox. A low mood, increased irritability or anger, interrupted sleep, feeling insecure or comparing yourself to others online and feeling obligated to consume, respond, react or check in sound like you? Then let’s get to digital detoxing.

Start by simply closing all the tabs on your devices. Let the constant stream of information stop. Clear out all the duplicate images and videos and externally back up the media that you literally haven’t looked at in months.

Take the detox to social media. Unfollow accounts that make you feel anything less than great and please, clear out your drafts. We all know that you have no intention of ever posting them. And while you’re at it, check all your download lists on your streaming accounts and delete the shows and movies you’ve already watched.

Clear the cache and cookies on all your devices. A simple Google search will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do this for your specific device. This will help your devices perform better & load your content a little faster. Streamlining the things that influence you is really the first step in decluttering your entire life.

The benefits of a digital detox:

  • Less stress
    • Auditing what, how and when you see information can do wonders for your mental health.
  • Better social interactions
    • You’ll simply be more present.
  • More control of your time
    • You won’t be endlessly scrolling for no real reason.

Check your router’s software:

Software upgrades with Webafrica router devices happen automatically, taking the stress out of managing another box on your to-do list.

If Webafrica is not yet your chosen internet service provider, simply enter your router’s IP address into any browser, and it will give you the necessary information required to manually update your router. Or contact Webafrica now to switch.

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