Whether you’re looking for recipe inspiration or just enjoy watching other’s sweat, succeed, and fail in the kitchen, you need to check out these 10 food shows on Netflix.

Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

What could be better than Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty getting together and opening a café? Maybe Jamie and Jimmy opening that café to a host of celebrity guests to share their culinary secrets. If you don’t find some foodie inspiration in these 2 seasons then you probably aren’t really a food lover.

Chef’s Table

This Emmy-nominated food series takes the viewer on a culinary adventure around the world to meet the crème de la crème of food innovators and celebrity chefs of all shapes and sizes. You will find gourmet food, seductive desserts and plenty of inspiration.

Nailed It

Do you just love to watch others fail? If your answer is yes then you are going to love this show! Nicole Beyer finds some of the worst home bakers (all of whom have a passion for baking, even if they can’t do it) and pits them against each other to try and recreate beautifully baked master pieces – with a large cash prize going to the baker who sucks the least at the end of the show.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Australian dessert wizard Adriano Zumbo challenges some truly excellent home bakers in this competitive reality series. Each dessert maker is in it to win, and every one of them takes their desserts very seriously. Some of their creations are nothing short of genius. The only problem we have with this show is that Netflix SA currently only has one season.

Food Choices

This is a documentary movie which takes an in-depth look at the diets of the western world and how our food choices are responsible for not only our overall health, but also the effect our food choices have on climate change.

Million Pound Menu

This series takes a group of serious small-time restaurateurs and gives them the chance to create their very own pop-up restaurants to impress paying customers, and hopefully a highly discerning panel of U.K. investors. The stakes are high, the tension is real, and the food is amazing.

Martha Bakes

What selection of food shows would be complete without the iconic Martha Stewart making an appearance? If you’re looking for a baking show that will impart with you high-level professional baking tips, tried and tested techniques and fail-proof recipes then Martha Bakes is a must watch for you.


We all know that food and culture go hand-in-hand. In this series, acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan delves into how the way we cook and the food we eat shapes our world and our societies. You’ll also get to see him trying out various new (and old) methods of baking, braising and brewing as he discovers food from around the globe.

Cook your ass off

This Foodie competition series offers contestants the opportunity to cook for $50 000, but this time they are cooking for specific people, and with a twist – their food needs to transform the “judges” favorite guilty pleasures into healthy treats that will support their desire to change their ways and lose weight.

The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure

This series is a little silly, but loads of fun, and jam-packed with inspiring Asian dishes that will have you heading for the wok aisle in no time. Dave and Si head off to the Far East in search of the best Asian delicacies. From Hong Kong to Korea, you won’t be disappointed with their findings.


Happy viewing, and eating!


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