Wondering what to watch in the cold winter weather hitting the country this weekend? Here is the current Top 10 shows now streaming on Netflix South Africa:


Jumanji – The Next Level (2019)

Coming in at number one is a familiar tale with a modern-day twist! If you watched the original Jumanji with Robin Williams – this version will definitely not get close to that. However, it’s not bad for a sequel of a classic. It’s fun for the whole family to watch.


Lucifer (Season 5)

This series is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is focused on Lucifer (yes, the devil) coming back to earth and somehow ends up solving crimes with Detective Beck. The dashing devil and the Detective have undeniable chemistry, because what is a series about a random joining a detective without a romantic angle? Cue ‘Castle’ and every other similar series ever. Lucifer is portrayed as a far more complex figure as the traditional image of the devil. The show has been boycotted by religious groups due to its controversial storyline. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting series to watch.

The reason it’s trending again now? Season 5 was released last week. The new season answers some questions about Beck’s role in Lucifer’s life and a new character (with the same face) enters the scene to confuse Lucifer’s friends. Will Beck and Lucifer be reunited, and finally, get together or has Lucifer’s time in hell turned him eviler than ever? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

If you haven’t watched it (or want to rewatch) there’s a whole five seasons to binge on this weekend! Caution: not suitable for under 18’s.


The Sleepover (2020)

Hands up if you used to love the ‘Spy Kids’ movie…
Well, now you can relive the fantasy of kids becoming action-packed heroes saving their parents, with The Sleepover.

This Netflix original is about two parents who are seemingly normal and completely average. The mother is (like in every other movie made for teens), the harsh one that takes away the main character, Clancy’s phone and she resents her mother because all she really wants to do is, of course, go to a party to see a boy. It all becomes clear that Clancy’s mom took her phone to protect the family – to no avail as the parents are later kidnapped. The kids go on a mission to rescue Clancy’s parents and become action heroes overnight. We don’t want to give too much away, so get watching!


Million Dollar Beach House

Always wondered how million-dollar homes in the Hamptons look? This reality show follows realtors as they sell these mansions and give us all a sneak peek into what Good Charlotte would call, ‘Lifestyles of the rich & famous’ – is the song stuck in your head yet?


Trinkets (Season 2)

Not the best example to set for kids but still fun to watch. ‘Trinkets’ follows a girl who gets caught for shoplifting and ends up at ‘Shoplifters Anonymous’. She meets two fellow high school teens there and forms a friendship with them. They end up just keeping up with the bad habit and start making a game of shoplifting.

Season 2 of this teen drama has just been released – sadly rumoured to be their last.



WARNING: Trailer contains explicit language

There’s a new adult animated sitcom hitting screens, ‘Hoops’. The show focuses on a foul-mouthed basketball coach, hoping to turn a terrible team of players into basketball stars. It’s a challenging road with many frustrations but he’s taking it head-on. The millennial humour can be a bit strange at times but if you’re into Adult Swim type shows, you’ll enjoy this.

Caution: VERY explicit so definitely no under 18’s on this one.


Family Feud South Africa

Steve Harvey…in South Africa… what dream comedian heaven did we just walk into?

This game show is HILARIOUS and we’re very happy it has come to Netflix. The international show first came to South African screens on our free television channel, eTV. American comedian, Steve Harvey, hosts the game show where two families compete to guess the most popular responses in surveys. The questions are fun and the answers hilarious. If you feel like giving your abs a workout – this one is for you! The best part: you can binge on a whole season in one weekend.


Project Power (2020)

Jamie Foxx is always great to watch so this is set out for action-packed greatness already. The movie is set in New Orleans where three people with different skills butt heads over a new pill that can give the average Joe superpowers. A cool Friday-action-night movie to watch!


The Umbrella Academy (season 2)

These siblings have extraordinary and unexplained powers – reunited by their father’s death they uncover some shocking family secrets – and possibly the thing that will bring about the end of the world. Season 2 has officially been released with another crisis the family has to deal with.


Rust Valley Restorers (3 seasons)

Old, rusted ‘skadonks’ usually end up in the scrapyard for the rest of their rusting lives. Luckily this team of car-lovers come to the rescue and restore old cars to a brand new usable version that can be loved for many more years by a new owner.


And there you have it. We have you covered with enough ideas for a whole weekend’s binge-fest! Get the popcorn ready…

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