If you’ve recently read our article on the best VPNs in 2018 then you probably already have access to all kinds of fantastic global content from around the web, including several YouTube channels which are otherwise restricted in certain areas. Our list of the best kids channels (and shows) on YouTube you will find a good mix of content, some of which may require a VPN to access in some areas.

Sesame Street

Can anyone say 40 years of sunny smiles? Sesame Street has been around so long that even our CEO watched them as a kid. It was the very first children’s program to base its content around a curriculum, and today there are more than 5000 episodes. You can expect to find episodes, shorts, games and songs on their diverting channel.

Peppa Pig

If you don’t know who Peppa Pig is then you clearly don’t have any children under five. The official Peppa Pig YouTube channel gives viewers hours of older episodes and access to a 24-hour live channel that plays non-stop episodes of Peppa Pig. You can choose to watch content by theme or simply let it run.

Masha and the Bear

Hailing from Russia, Masha is a young girl who is accompanied by a benevolent bear who is always trying to keep her out of trouble. Originally aired in Russian and then translated into English and several other languages. There is a Russian episode of Masha and the Bear which is one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time – must be something to it.

The Powerpuff Girls

As a 90’s kid, I was over the moon to see this one pop up in the charts with the best of YouTube. The Cartoon Network classic contains a number of thinly veiled pop culture references from the late 90’s and early “naughties” that make the show as much fun to watch for parents as it is for kids.


This British show was originally aimed at pre-school children, but fast became a firm favourite among, well, pretty much everyone wanting to vegetate in front of the TV (especially after a heavy night out).
These odd little charters say everything twice and cover a variety of directed learning tasks.


Created in Switzerland, Pingu is a penguin-like creature created from clay in classic stop-animation. Because there is no real dialogue or language outside of cute noises, Pingu easily translates to kids all over the world without skipping a beat.

The Muppets

Another kids show that your child should watch (or you should watch, again) is the classic “The Muppets”. They feature in Sesame Street, but Kermit and Miss Piggy have their own TV Series and YouTube channel which is well worth an amusing hour or three.

Curious George

Originally a hugely popular children’s book series, Curious George has been a go-to favourite for smaller children since 1980. The show ran for a decade and then was picked up again by PBS in 2006 who aired it until 2015.

Danger Mouse

Another classic from the late 80’s to early 90’s is Danger Mouse. Originally an animated parody of popular spy franchise “James Bond”, this cartoon is still every bit as amusing to kids today as it was back then.

Postman Pat

Postman Pat is another British favourite which targets preschoolers. The safe and friendly show sees Postman Pat and his black and white cat delivering parcels all over a sleepy village. He generally stumbles across some trouble and ends up saving the day.

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