We love a bit of healthy competition as much as the next binge watcher, and let’s face it, we get emotionally invested in the contestants, too.

There are those we love, and those we love to hate. There are those we cry with and those we are happy to see cut from the running. The one thing that’s true for all of them, is that they wouldn’t be in our lives if it weren’t for really good competitive reality TV.

The 5 Most Popular Reality Competition Shows on Netflix:

(according to the people of Webafrica)

Project Runway

(and Project Runway junior)
If you have ever had an opinion about fashion, clothing and what walks down the runway (and into the stores) you will love this show. Complete with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, this show throws some serious challenges at a group of want-to-be designers. The winner will walk away with everything they need to launch their own line and all the exposure they need to make it huge.

Ultimate Beastmaster

Take the old “Gladiators” show we all loved and watched, remove the cheesy costumes, and crank up the pressure by about 500%, and you will have an idea of what Ultimate Beastmaster is all about. Instead of being pitted against an opponent during challenges, these extreme athletes are pitting themselves against “the beast” and their own strength and ability.

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

This competition takes body art to a whole new level. Hosted by RuPaul, the show sees talented artists from various fields compete for the very first time in a body art challenge. If you enjoy seeing something a little freaky, a little different, and more than just a little colourful, you should enjoy this.

Cooking on High

Now we know we did an article on cooking shows just a short while ago, but given recent developments in South Africa, we thought we had better make mention of this “elevating” show. This is a cooking competition with a difference – it’s the first ever competitive cannabis cooking show. Every dish is marijuana-infused and the judges are, well, pretty chilled about the whole thing.

Baby Ballroom

There is a lot more to kids’ ballroom than fun and games. In fact, some take it very seriously. Step into the cutthroat world of kids’ ballroom dancing, complete with pushy instructors, nervous parents and small competitors with big ambitions.



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