Turn your phone into a document scanner. This often over-looked app can be an absolute life saver if you need to scan and send documents when you’re far from the office. CamScanner lets you capture an image of your document, crop and cut it, improve the readability, and save it as a PDF.

It then allows you to share or Email directly from your phone.

Compatible with Android and iPhone.


Pretty much everyone knows about Evernote, but not everyone realizes just how versatile this app is.

It has a bunch of features, allows you to sync across various platforms (including your phone), and lets you take notes any way you can think of (list, voice, URL, image snaps, video, etc). Evernote is a collaborative app, so you can share notes with others easily. There are free and paid options available.

Compatible with Android, iPhone, PC and Mac.


There are a fair number of “to-do” list apps out there. TickTick is one of our favorites. It lets you organize your tasks, create lists, set reminders, and even features a calendar, a widget and shareable tasks to help you delegate and organize with others.

Compatible with Android and iPhone.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is really an app you can’t do without if you’re going to run even a semblance of productivity from your phone. Without it you won’t be able to open the vast majority of your documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is arguably the best there is as far as PDF readers go, and the mobile app is free and uses very little space. It will also sync with your existing Adobe account allowing the option to save to dropbox.

Compatible with Android and iPhone.

You’ll need a web conferencing and collaboration app, and there are plenty to choose from. We find this is the most mobile-friendly of the batch. It’s easy to set up, syncs across devices and you don’t even have to download it because there is a workable web option. offers screen sharing, videoconferencing and a virtual whiteboard feature.

Compatible with Android and iOS


While TickTick is a fantastic all-in-one type tool, Toggl offers a simple time tracker that is easy to use and makes your life infinitely easier if you need to keep track of how long you are spending on a task. Great for those who charge by the hour! The app lets you set up projects to clock your time against, and even lets you generate reports which can be used for invoicing. You can add up to five people to your team on the free version.

[updated] We thought this Toggl update was worth a mention for our readers.

Compatible with Android and iOS


Keeping your finances in order is essential, for your business and in your personal life.

Expensify makes it much easier to do that. It captures your receipts, tracks your mileage and other outgoing expenses, and creates financial reports for you. You can then send these reports on via Email, too.

There is a free and a paid option, with the main difference between the two being a limited number of Smartscans and transactions.