If you have a long road trip ahead of you with the kids this holiday, you will be relieved to know that you can download movies and episodes to watch later – from both Showmax and Netflix.
Needless to say, whether you want to download from Showmax or Netflix, you will need to have a subscription with them first.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure of which streaming service to use, both offer free trials. So you can check them both out and make an informed decision (or just keep both, as we did). Showmax gives you a 2 week free trial period and Netflix gives you a month. So, provided you have signed up and have an active account, here is how you can download your titles to view later.

What you’ll need:

• A mobile device (Phone or tablet)
• A great Wifi connection (such as your Fibre line’s Wifi)
• An active Netflix or Showmax subscription

On Showmax:

• Download the Showmax app for iOS or Android on either your phone or tablet
• Open the app, sign in, and choose the title you want to download
• Click the “download” button
• You can select the file quality of your choice (Low, standard, Good, or High quality)
• You have 30 days to watch the title, from the day you download it
• Once you start watching an episode or movie, you have 48 hours to finish watching it

On Netflix:

• Download the Netflix app for iOS or Android on either your phone or tablet
• Open the app and sign in
• Find the episode or movie you want to download (if it is available for download the “download” icon will appear next to it)
• Click the “download” icon
• To watch them, open the app, and click on the “downloads” icon (you don’t need to be online but you do need to be logged in, so stay logged in)
• Tap “play” and away you go
• You can download up to 100 titles at a time
• Titles which are expiring from your device in under 7 days will display the amount of time you have left to watch them

There you have it! Now you can make sure that you never end up without some on-the-go entertainment.

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