Ever wonder how it all works when it comes to Fiber? No not the technical bit, but how Fiber rollouts happen to the point of service activation. #WebafricaCares about your understanding of the situation and are here to provide some much need clarity on the matter.

To serve as information: know that Webafrica will do all we can to get you Fibre, we as an ISP, however, do not install the actual Fibre or decide on the expansion thereof   – we rely on the Fibre installers to update us so that we can update the Fibre maps accurately. You can enter your address to confirm Fibre coverage in your area on our map.

So much work, time, skills, and insane determination goes into making the service available to you as a Webafrica client.

For some direct insight on the Fibre processes, we put together a few questions often asked by the public. We approached both the Fibre installation squad and the provisioning (activation) team managers to provide some informative answers to put all confusion to rest … forever! 😉

Provisioning service manager:

How long does it take to get Fibre into a home where the underlying infrastructure provider has indicated that they are about to start trenching in the area?


  • The process can take anywhere from 7 to 30 days in an area with existing Fibre infrastructure and the time frame can vary in an area that has no infrastructure as the planning of civil works can take some time.

How/ when do we update our Fibre maps?


  • Our maps are updated on a weekly basis.

Can you please list 3 important documents required to ensure no delays with the Fibre service activation?


  • We usually only ask for documentation if there is difficulty plotting a client’s address, in that case usually a utility bill will suffice. Naturally, the entire process is built around the client’s address and accurate plotting of the address is essential in the planning and installation process. Once an order is captured at the point of sale our provisioning team will vet the order details by checking the address against the coverage maps and the then place the order with the relevant infrastructure provider who then proceeds with the planning and installation. The best thing a customer can do to reduce any delays is to be available for any appointments as technicians usually have a number of orders to work through. There are other documents required for the install, however, these are usually from the local council to approve trenching on public land and/or hand over certificates from the body corporate to approve work in complexes and estates.

Why Choose Webafrica Fibre?


  • Why not Webafrica Fibre? Really… why not?
  • We have over 20 years of experience in the industry
  • We are one of the fastest growing ISP’s in South Africa
  • We care about our customers
  • The benefits are pretty awesome
  • We have technical support available 7 days a week

Questions for our Fibre installer: (Compliments of our Frogfoot representative)* 

How are areas selected for Fibre installation expansion?


This is based on density and demand in suburban areas, where there are currently little to no overlap with other Fibre installations company.

What is the timeframe once Fibre is rolled out happens in an area, for the public to be able to initiate sign up with Webafrica?


  • Frogfoot has 3 stages in its rollout, i.e. Planned (Red zone), Work In Progress (Yellow), and Live (Blue).
    Generally speaking, planned zones (Red zone) are the target areas but no wayleaves have been applied for as yet.
    ISP’s generally do not place any orders as there are no clearly defined timelines
  • WIP areas (Yellow), wayleaves have been applied and civil works have begun (generally 4-6 months)
    End customers and ISP’s may place orders here but the orders do not age in the system until the WIP zone goes LIVE.
  • LIVE areas (Blue), WIP zone is now considered live. (generally 4-6 weeks)
    End customers and ISP orders are connected within 4-6 weeks, others sooner, depending on the area.

What would a complex owner/ resident need to do to have Fibre installed into their property/complex?


  • Complex: Body Corporate approval is required to terminate Fibre at a central location as well as for the Open Access provider to reticulate the buildings. End customers may place orders directly on our Fibre portal. We require a standard power outlet and small area (router size) to place our ONT.

Is there a set period (timeframe) for Fibre expansion evaluations to happen throughout the year?


  • Frogfoot is on an aggressive expansion drive and the coming areas are communicated to the ISP’s on a weekly and monthly basis.
    We are aiming to reduce the notice period for new builds and will be starting via Broadcast Whatsapp to the ISP’s starting the week of the 6th August 2018

Thank you for your time and remember #WebafricaCares 😉


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