Openserve (Telkom Wholesale) announced that some areas would be without ADSL from 1 September. Copper wires will be a thing of the past and South Africa will move forward into the future with modern Fibre lines. “What about my landline?!” you may be asking. Don’t fear! There is a perfect solution to keep your voice line.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the new alternative to landlines. The phone calls are made over your internet line making it a more reliable, wireless option.

That means, no more silly phone wires to trip over and extra bills to pay. You can even hook it up to your current cellphone to avoid old-school hard phones! All you need is a Fibre internet connection of no less than 4 Mbps.

You also won’t have to deal with surprise bills at the end of the month. Similarly to mobile voice minutes, you will purchase it before the time and know exactly how much you have left. Top up data can be purchased when you run out of minutes which will only expire after a whole three months! Whoop whoop!

Sounds great, now get yourself on the bandwagon…

Webafrica Voice has got your back yo’ 

We can replace your landline with a new and improved Webafrica Voice service (VoIP) which operates over your Fibre line. Should you want to keep your old landline number, we can transfer your existing number to your new voice service or we can supply you with an 087 number for FREE.  That means you will be able to receive and make calls using your old landline number from your existing cellphone…pretty awesome right?!

But that’s not all…when you sign up for Fibre with us, we will give you 30 minutes/month for FREE (to any network, including mobile) on our Webafrica Voice service. You can choose to upgrade to one of our paid packages (for more minutes) if you require more.

Alternatively, you can buy a hard phone from us which can be fixed to your location.

Check out our other post on VoIP for more about the process.

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