You might have heard the word ISP, MNO and FNO being thrown around and wondered where you fit in. We are here to give you all the details to help you understand the concepts:


The ISP (Internet Service Provider), like Webafrica, handles everything customer-related. We handle your support, order, billing and address any problems that might occur on the Infrastructure Provider (MNO or FNO) side. We get you online by dealing with the FNO and MNO on your behalf.

Webafrica (ISP) has a relationship with the different providers in your area so that we can act as the go-between and deal with any orders, or any issues that may arise, on your behalf.

We also negotiate the best deals with them so that we can offer the best deals to you, and we communicate the needs of our customers and potential customers to the infrastructure providers so that they can plan their next steps with you in mind.


The FNO (Fibre Network Operator) provides the infrastructure and the nitty-gritty groundwork. Such as laying the cables in your area, adding those white boxes onto your boundary wall and then laying the last bit into your house. They are not responsible for getting you online – we are!

The FNO charges an installation fee, sometimes up to R3000, which Webafrica (your ISP) covers for you on some services – yes, you pay absolutely no installation and connection fee.


Similar to Fibre services, LTE has its own provider called the MNO (Mobile Network Provider). This would be, for example, Telkom or MTN. As with the FNO, the ISP will sell their services on the MNO’s behalf and make sure you don’t have to deal with lengthy mobile provider contracts just to use a Fixed LTE service. As your ISP, we will order your SIM from the MNO and deal with any paperwork that needs to be done. We will sort out your RICA for you and deliver your SIM thereafter. We also give the option for you to purchase a router from us, to ensure you can get set up as soon as the delivery is made. You won’t have to stress about fighting with Telkom or other MNO, about billing issues or trying to cancel a contract or if you want to upgrade – the ISP sorts that out for you!

Check out our handy infographics:

For any queries or support issues, if you’re signed up with Webafrica as your ISP, you can try our handy WhatsApp LiveChat by adding 021 464 9500 to your contacts and sending “Hi” on WhatsApp to start the chat! 

WhatsApp support hours are weekdays between 7am and 9pm; weekends and public holidays, 8am to 6pm.

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