Awesome news! We have a brand new Fibre provider on offer for you. Let’s welcome Vodacom Fibre *round of applause*

What this means…

We are expanding our reach in the country and are able to offer a bigger variety of choices to you. If Vodacom Fibre is in your area, you will be able to order one of the following packages from us:

If you’re not too worried about upload speeds and just want to binge on that new Netflix series:

10/5Mbps R 639
20/10Mbps R 795
40/20Mbps R 955
100/50Mbps R 1 145
200/100Mbps R 1 499

Worker bees – these will be perfect if you have Zoom meetings and need to upload large files:

10/10Mbps R 695
20/20Mbps R 845
40/40Mbps R 995
100/100Mbps R 1 195

The great thing about Webafrica is that we have awesome freebies that go with your services, like:

  • We cover your installation (worth R1725) and connection (R1149) fees that gets charged by the FNO.
  • Free-to-use Router for the duration of the time that you use a Webafrica service.
  • Get 30mins calls FREE every month with VoIP, which you can use on your mobile.

Want to find out more about our awesome new service? Chat to us on WhatsApp: or hop onto our website to see what we have available to you.

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