For the first time, Google Play is offering Android users the opportunity to do donate to charities through Google apps.

Google play has partnered with 10 charitable organizations to start off with. While these are all currently American-based and large Global organizations, we can only hope that the success of this venture will encourage Google to make it easier for smaller local charities and organisations to create donation apps.

The nonprofits currently supported are:

American Red Cross: This organization is involved in alleviating human suffering in emergencies with the help of volunteers and donations.

Charity: water: charity: water is dedicated to solving the drinking water crisis by helping people in developing countries to gain access to clean, safe drinking water.

Doctors without Borders USA: This charity strives to bring medical relief to those affected by war, disease, and both natural and man-made disasters, regardless of race, nationality, religious beliefs or political affiliations.

Girls Who Code: These guys are on a mission to empower girls with computing skills. They provide education, and equipment to girls in particular to help them become employable in the modern work-force.

International Rescue Committee: The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provide support to people in humanitarian crises, globally. They assist those whose lives and livelihoods have been ruined by war and disaster.

Room to Read: Room to Read are focused on teaching children in low-income communities to read. They teach literacy and promote gender equality.

Save the Children: Save the Children strives to help children have a healthy start in life, receive an education, and grow up in a safe environment. They provide emergency assistance and promote children’s rights, thereby transforming the lives and futures of many children.

UNICEF: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) operates in over 190 countries. They provide health care, immunizations, clean water, and access to sanitation, good nutrition, basic education, and emergency relief to children around the world.

World Food Program USA: World Food Program USA brings people together to support the lifesaving work of the United Nations World Food Programme, the global leader in the fight to end hunger.

World Wildlife Fund: The World Wildlife Fund is part of a global network. They have spent the last 50 years working to protect the future of our environment and natural heritage. World Wildlife Fund is focused on conservation of nature and the reduction of threats to the diversity of life on the planet Earth.

The result of Google’s efforts is that it’s easier than ever to make donations to your charity of choice, which many do all year round, but is certainly a topic close to everyone’s hearts over the festive season.

This feature is not yet available in South Africa, but we are hoping to see it reach us in the near future.

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