Is your WiFi connection signal weak and untrustworthy? There can be many reasons for this dilemma but here are a few methods that could assist in giving your signal that extra boost:

1. Move the router or obstructions getting in the way

It is better to have the router in a higher position like on a high shelf or if you can even mount it to the wall. You will also need to move any obstructions that could get in the way of the signal. That would be something like glass, mirrors, furniture, and even thick walls that contain metal. Try to have your router the highest in the room you most frequently work. It does not have to be on the roof – but if you have high cupboards, try placing it on top of the cupboard. Do not place it inside, as the cupboard walls and door will affect the signal.

2. Use aluminium foil to create a reflector

Your router can be boosted by reflecting the signal outwards. To do a makeshift reflector, use aluminium foil (good ol’ tin foil). Cut about 30cm of foil and try to get it a curved shape. You can try to use a 2l plastic bottle, wrap it around and just push down on it until it has the shape of the bottle. Take it off gently so it keeps the curve, then place it behind your antennas (on the router) and have the open side point in the direction you want the signal to go.

3. Restart your router at least once a month

Just like every other delicate being in this world, your precious router also needs some sleep. If you never switch it off, restart it at least once a month.

4. Disconnect all devices that you’re not using

If you have devices logged in which you aren’t using at that time – disconnect from the WiFi! Just disconnect like you would switch off a light that you aren’t using. That is all. 

5. Switch the channel

You can switch the channel on a router to a less busy one. Routers come with a default channel setting. Luckily you can change that! 

Just set a new channel on the router (see router instruction manual for details). You can then login to the Router website, go to settings and at the ‘channels’ tab, choose the new channel you have picked. The Router should then sync by restarting. 

If you have problems with this, you can use our WhatsApp LiveChat (add 021 464 9500 to your WhatsApp contacts). WhatsApp support hours are weekdays between 7am and 9pm; weekends and public holidays, 8am to 6pm. During these hours, we aim to respond within one minute.

6. Buy stuff

Sadly, these tips won’t always work. Sometimes there is a bigger problem, like a tree that affects the signal (if it’s LTE) or your antenna is not working. Unfortunately, here you will have to hit the shops.

Booster:  You can buy a WiFi booster device which will try to boost your signal.
New Antenna:  If your antenna is the thing causing problems, you might have to replace the old ones.

And there you have it, some easy, peasy fixes to a very annoying problem! Try this out to get the most out of your WiFi signal during the 21 days of lockdown so you can surf and stream as much as you want!

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