Webafrica is fairly well known for our tendency to push limits in our advertising, usually with a risqué dress or a naughty word (or two), but there is more to us than making waves.

When our CEO, Tim Wyatt-Gunning, met graffiti artist Falko on an adventure in Africa, it all came together in an unexpected (but rather pleasing) way.

Webafrica is all about finding that line between what’s expected of us and the limitless realms of imagination, and smudging it out.
That is what Rocket Ellie is all about.

She’s an elephant, hurtling through space with a jet-pack on. Why? Because… why not?! The internet is not just about tech savvy people doing tech savvy things. In fact, the term “internet” is probably one of the least searched terms out there!

What it’s really all about is you and whatever you can imagine.

The internet can connect you to the entire planet (and who knows where else in the future), a planet filled with billions of people who all have their own unique interests, quirks, agendas, and strengths.

We understand that for you, the internet is not about the internet – it’s about being able to connect with everything that’s important to you. Everything you can imagine (and some things you can’t) – anything you can think of, you can find it online.

You can find an app for that, or find a YouTube How-To video about it. You can find a community of like-minded people, you can find a webinar or an e-book or a recipe or a job or a date or a calling or something that ignites the fires of inspiration in your very soul. You can find a rocket elephant hurtling across the universe.

What does that have to do with Webafrica’s Rocket Ellie? Nothing.
What does an Elephant with a rocket-pack have to do with an ISP? Nothing.
We just liked the idea of an elephant rocketing across the universe.
We need billboards that are beyond advertising, because Webafrica is beyond internet.

6 Interesting facts about the Rocket Ellie Billboard:

• Our Rocket Ellie Billboard took five sessions, over a period of six weeks, to complete.
• Each Session took between two and four hours.
• The animation video below consists of over 1576 frames, which were taken by Cape Town photographer Samantha Wilkinson. Samantha had to stand on the roof of her car to get the shots she needed. A total of over 5500 frames were taken before editing.
• More than 58 cans of spray paint were used to create the Rocket Ellie Billboard.
• A specialized cherry picker had to be hired for Falko to reach the billboard, and he had to be trained to operate it before the project could start.
• Webafrica is planning on repurposing the Rocket Ellie billboard after the campaign ends – so watch this space.

You can watch our Rocket Ellie’s evolution here:

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