If you’re on the Webafrica Affiliate Sales Programme, your greatest sales will come from our awesome Fibre products as more South Africans are changing over to Fibre. We are constantly expanding our Fibre coverage, giving you a wider sales pool with more options to offer your referrals. If you’re not on one of our Fibre services yourself yet, this might even entice you to switch as well!

Faster, more reliable speeds

Fibre internet makes use of the most modern technology, fibre-optic cables. The fibre-optics can transmit data at unbelievably fast speeds which outperforms any other old-school internet connection. It uses light pulses and is more resistant to interferences. Fibre-optic can reach speeds about 20-80 times faster than regular cable internet!

It’s not distance dependant

It won’t matter how far you are from the Fibre infrastructure! ADSL’s speed, for example, weakens the further you are from the DSL box in the neighbourhood, as it uses very old copper wiring. Or like LTE which uses cellphone towers and can be affected by the distance of your house from the tower.

Goodbye Telkom!

For South Africans, it’s general knowledge that most of our local landline operator, Telkom’s infrastructure is as old as the stone age, so those copper wires are most probably corroded and of course, could get stolen. The great thing about Fibre is that fibre-optic cables can’t be used for anything else, so chances are slim for it being stolen. You also won’t require any landline so you can cancel that pesky Telkom bill.

More devices can connect

Fibre can handle more devices on the same WiFi connection. That means you can get your whole household to each jump on their phones, tablets and/or laptops while streaming Netflix on your TV – all at the same time with fewer issues. It all just depends on the service size that you get. For example, 10Mbps will easily handle up to four connected devices whilst a 200Mbps line can handle more than 20 devices at the same time!

With Webafrica, you get UNLIMITED data

That means on any one of our Fibre services, you won’t have to worry about limiting your data usage. It’s Uncapped, Unthrottled and UNLIMITED. Data top-ups are a thing of the past.

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