A number of shows have been trending the past few weeks but some have consistently stayed on top. There are quite a few new seasons of shows to catch up on – a reason to stay in this weekend! Let’s take a look at the countdown to the Top 10 for this week:

10. Iglesias – Season 2

Another fun family show that preteens are loving! Mr. Iglesias is back for a second season at Woodrow Wilson High School to help the ‘misfits’ reach for their dreams and realise their talents. In any good story, there is always a villain. The Assistant School Principal undermines the group of students and present various obstacles, but of course, Mr. Iglesias is there to save the day each episode. Season 2 presents us with more highs and lows as one character leaves school and others try to prepare for the final exam.
IMBD Rating: 7.1/10

9. Angry Birds 2

In our hearts we always knew the mobile game, Angry Birds, would make a cool movie. What we didn’t expect was TWO movies about this fun little online game where you slingshot birds around. In Angry Birds 2 you can expect next level action as the pigs and birds enter the ultimate battles. It’s by no means an artistic masterpiece, but hey – it’s fun to watch! This is a really fun kids movie that will provide them with a solid 1hr30mins of entertainment. Best of all is if they become true fans, they can have some fun with the online game too.
IMBD Rating: 6.4/10

8. Alexa & Katie – Part 4

Alexa and Katie are best friends who are just about to head into High School. The excitement is dampened when Alexa finds out she has cancer. Katie sticks by Alexa for it all and while dealing with the big C, they also have to battle their way through High School without losing their sparky personalities.
Part 4 is the final season of this quirky kids show and wraps up with the two teens graduating High School and moving on to their exciting, bright new futures.
IMBD Rating: 7.3/10

7. Dynasty – Season 3

Be transformed to the world of the richest. It follows the feud between two of America’s wealthiest families and the partnership between two of the rivalries to reach a shared goal. You might remember the name vaguely from a past life. Yes, it is a modern-day reboot of the 1980’s drama.
Season 3 shakes up the family with the premiere starting off with a splash at the Carrington Estate lake. Expect murder, scandal, detectives and reporters hounding the characters and a legal trial to end it off.
IMBD Rating: 7.3/10

6. Riverdale – Season 3

If you love the comic book ‘Archie’ you will have a jol with this adaption of the comic. There’s a dark mystery that haunts the town of Riverdale and of course, like most teenage dramas, a group of High School students try to solve it whilst also experiencing the daily teenage problems of friendship, school and romance. It starts off with three friends (Betty, Archie and Jughead) meeting a new student, Veronica – leaving Archie torn between this fiery new girl and his longtime vanilla friend, Betty.
Unfortunately, Netflix South Africa hasn’t released season 4 which aired in April in the US. We had season 3 episodes added recently which means you have another season to catch up on in the meantime as we await season 4. Season 3 has some shockers installed for you with murders and arrests – and of course most importantly: prom night, duh!
IMBD Rating: 7/10

5. Blood & Water

This series just premiered on Netflix and proudly South African. Check out our last Netflix Binger post for more information about this interesting addition to the Netflix family. We’re super excited that it’s still trending.
Great news: they’ve been approved for a second season – whoop whoop!
IMBD Rating: 6.1/10

4. 13 Reasons Why – Season 4

TW: suicide, mental illness, substance abuse, rape, school shootings, rioting, HIV/AIDS.

Here we are again for the emotional rollercoaster. This time it is the final wrap-up of the intense series freaking out parents worldwide.
The show follows Clay Jensen as he deals with the aftermath of a friend, Hannah Baker, committing suicide who then leaves behind 13 tapes. These tapes contain Hannah talking through how each person’s actions led to her suicide. The story is told through the eyes of Clay as he listens to each tape.
The fourth and final season of the series shows Clay’s mental demise, Justin’s struggle with substance abuse and the friends’ emotional states unravelling. It has a very unexpected sad twist in the last two episodes so get the tissues ready. However, the fourth season truthfully just wasn’t really that great and a little disappointing after such a powerful start to the series in the first two seasons.

We advise that the show is not watched by children under the age of 18 without parental supervision. There are some pretty rough scenes that can be upsetting, so take caution if you have a mental illness or if you’ve experienced any form of sexual violation.
IMBD Rating: 7.7/10

3. Late Night

The plot follows a late night TV host and her attempt to revamp her brand after she is accused of being ‘women hating’. She employs a driven woman, Molly, to join her all-male team of writers presenting some interesting dynamics.
Hands down, everyone agrees that Emma Thompson acts phenomenally as per usual. The movie is funny and somewhat of a drama but it still lacks a little bit of magic. It’s definitely a must watch because of Thompson’s performance but the overall plot just doesn’t fully get that 10/10. We’re sitting on the fence on this one!
IMBD Rating: 6.5/10

2. Big Bang Theory

This banger of a series has entertained audiences since 2007 – feel old yet? For the noobs, it’s about a group of extremely nerdy friends who meet an aspiring actress when she moves in next door to two of them, Sheldon and Leonard. These two physicists have extremely high IQ’s and they definitely know it (especially Sheldon).
The comedy has 12 seasons for you to enjoy – which is probably one of the reasons why it’s South Africans number two Lockdown binge choice this week. It’s a fan favourite with a huge international following. If you don’t know the show now’s the time to watch to avoid FOMO.
IMBD Rating: 8.1/10

1. 365 Days

A Sicilian mafia member, Massimo, kidnaps a sales director, Laura while she’s in Italy to save her relationship. The mafia gives her 365 days to fall in love with Massimo. The movie is based on a Polish romance novel, 365 dni by Blanka Lipińska.
Can someone say severe Stockholm Syndrome? This movie is definitely not for under 18’s and definitely not for the critical movie watcher. It’s basically a Polish, more morally inappropriate version of Fifty Shades of Grey. There’s even a masked ball scene; does that sound familiar Fifty Shades fans?
IMBD Rating: 3.6/10

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