Gone are the days of rushing to the bathroom during ad breaks and staying home on Thursday night to watch the next episode of your favorite show (or crying if you missed it).

Today – we stream. Not only that, but we stream exactly what we’re interested in.

If you’re a South Park fan you may recall the episode where Kyle’s little brother, Ike, would rather watch PewDiePie playing games on YouTube than actually play a game himself.

That was waaaaay back in 2014, and the phenomenon of streaming gamer channels has only grown and become more entrenched in our viewing habits, especially with the teens and younger viewers who have very specific viewing interests and expect to receive nothing short of exactly what they want to view, when they want to view it.

In the case Gamers, we’ve also progressed from watching YouTube Gamers to a platform specifically designed to watch Gamers stream their playtime – introducing Twitch.tv

In case you missed it – Twitch is the place where Gamers have created their online home, and fans are flocking here to watch their heros at play.

The Top Ranked Live Games on Twitch


  • 102,746,961¬†viewer hours
  • 64,773 current viewers
  • 3,752 live channels
  • Seen just over 1 year ago






League of Legends

  • 85,838 current viewers
  • 2,107 live channels
  • Seen just over 1 year ago






Grand Theft Auto V

  • 47,417 current viewers
  • 534 live channels
  • Seen just over 1 year ago







Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • 25,625 current viewers
  • 764 live channels
  • Seen just over 1 year ago






Dota 2

  • 21,906 current viewers
  • 560 live channels
  • Seen just over 1 year ago







The above-listed games are top-ranked by high subscription numbers and viewers, but there are so many  more AWESOME games to enjoy. As always, Your Twitch.tv experience will be better with a Fibre line.



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