If you’ve been thinking about downloading the Netflix mobile app for your phone or tablet while you’re on the run, here is another good reason for you to do so – it uses less data!

Netflix, being the dedicated media giant that they are, have a lab in California dedicated to its mobile platform. This lab has tested the Netflix mobile platform under various Wifi and data conditions, and have developed an optimization feature to make sure that you use (a lot) less data when you stream via your Smartphone.
It works by reducing the content bit rate on iOS and Android when you access Netflix via your mobile data. Which means that you use less data when streaming via mobile data than via Wifi.

The Data Test

This data saving was put to the test with two Nokia 5 Smartphones (these phones were chosen because they support 2.4GHz, 5GHz, Wifi, and have a decent screen resolution).
Both phones were prepared by downloading the My Data Manager app for Android, a nifty app that gives data consumption readouts for individual apps on your phone.
The first phone was connected to high-speed Wifi.
The second phone was connected via mobile data with an active LTE connection.
The streaming quality settings on the Netflix account used in the test were set to “automatic”.
The same two shows were then streamed on both test phones. Altered Carbon and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Findings

The streaming quality on both devices was consistently clear and uninterrupted.
The difference between the two was evident in the amount of data used. The phone connected via Wifi used a total of 415MB for the two shows, while the phone connected via mobile data used only 249MB to stream both shows.

The Conclusion:

What was concluded from this test is that Netflix’s automatic mobile data optimization feature saves the user a substantial amount of data.

If you are using your mobile to stream Netflix this summer, you might save a lot of data by connecting via mobile.

Just remember to compare the cost of mobile data to the cost of Wifi data before you decide which to use.

You may find that Wifi is still costing you less in the long run.

For example, you are probably paying around R99/GB for cell phone data, while Webafrica’s LTE (which also loves to travel with you) will only cost you R10.95/GB (or R12.50/GB to Top-up).

Which means:
200MB standard mobile data = R19.80
400MB LTE on the Run data = R4.38

As you can see, it’s worthwhile working out the finer details before you connect. Either way, we hope you have a fantastic festive season, with plenty of great Netflix and chill sessions between all the socializing. If you are at home, remember, it’s always better on a Fibre line.

Info Credit: MyBroadband.co.za 

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