A few years ago (back when Netflix was new to us and we couldn’t get it in South Africa yet) we published an article on how to use a VPN to help you access Netflix.
Today we don’t need a VPN to get into Netflix anymore, because we have been enjoying the streaming service officially in South Africa since 2016.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never need a VPN again.

A VPN is still handy for your online security, and let’s face it – there is still some great content out there that we can’t access (even if we’re paying for all our services) without a VPN.

But before we tell you that story, let us tell you this story…

What is a VPN?
A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. A VPN works by creating a secure connection between the internet and the Internet user device (you and your tech). A VPN will have multiple servers located all over the planet, which allows the user (you) to appear to change location every time you connect. This makes it a good way to protect your privacy and enhances your online security.
A VPN gives you an extra layer of anonymity and convenient extra level of access to region specific content.

Paid VPN vs Free VPN

You may have noticed that there are both free and paid VPN options available.

Currently, Opera’s free built-in VPN is getting a lot of attention in the media, mostly because it allows users to access US Netflix. The problem is that they are not secure like you are with like a paid VPN and even mention in their terms and conditions that they log and save your data, which is less than ideal.

As with most things in life – you get what you pay for with a VPN. While the most expensive VPNs are not necessarily better than their cheaper paid peers, we can say that even if you are paying a minimal fee your paid VPN is generally better than the free options. Why? Because they don’t need to use ads (or your data) to make money. The fee you pay allows them to focus on what’s important – providing a great service.

So, without further ado, which are our favourite VPN’s in 2018?

These ones:

Express VPN
Express VPN is easy to use with a friendly app that cuts out a lot of navigating through menus. 
NordVPN has more than 4000 servers in over 6 countries – no small feat for anyone! Along with the access benefits of a VPN, NordVPN also gives users some great additional security features to keep you safe online.
PureVPN gives users a full suite of online protection tools, malware shields and app blockers. Not quite as huge as NordVPN, it’s still impressive with its 750 servers in 140 locations.
CyberGhost offers users a good mix of speed and security. It’s privacy measures are on-point and the interface is easy enough to use. CyberGhost gives users access to more than 1200 servers in 60 locations.

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