We love supporting our local street artists, and we enjoy keeping our office space fresh, too.

You may recall that last year we kept Cape Town guessing with our “mystery” Ellie billboard by Falko1.

We realize, though, that it’s not only the big name artists who have talent, and we are always on the look out for shining new stars. Don’t ask us why. We just have a thing for Graffiti. Maybe it’s the bad-boy charm? Maybe it’s the spirit of anti-establishment? Maybe it’s just the bright colours that keep us coming back for more.

Whatever it is, we are ecstatic to have our reception area and boardrooms freshly over-hauled by Nacho_arts and his fantastic spray cans.

We feel the reception area reflects our direction 😉 and the boardrooms perfectly reflect their whimsical names – The School Room (where we do training) and The Nautilus (where we travel 20 000 leagues beneath the sea along a Fibre line to ever bigger and better ideas).

Here is Nacho_arts working his magic:

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