Netogy COMPACT UPS100 Plus

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Tired of getting stuck without internet when the electricity goes out? Fear no more! The Netogy UPS100 Plus will help you stay online. This compact UPS/Power Bank supplies uninterrupted power to your Fibre box (ONT) should you have one, and your Fibre or LTE router. With temperature, short circuit, overvoltage, overpower and electric leakage protection, the UPS100 will be the reliable choice for external power sources for your internet connection hardware.

Be ready for load shedding – get this nifty little UPS to keep you online even when you’re stuck in the dark!

The Geeky Stuff
  • Powers Fibre (ONT) box and router for up for 4 hours (as experienced during internal testing - as with all batteries, degradation occurs over time).
  • Powers LTE routers for up to 6 hours
  • Compatible with most LTE/Fibre routers and Fibre (ONT) boxes
  • 2x USB ports to charge any device which allows charging via USB (most mobile phones)
  • 5x 12V/5A ports
  • Safeguards against power surges, dips and failures
  • Intelligent circuit design with over-charging and short circuit protection

Important: Frogfoot Fibre boxes (ONT) are not compatible with this product.

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