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I have been a Webafrica for a long time. Awesome service. When things got tough in business, WA kindly accommodated our various requests and kept me online.


The Webafrica Story

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What We Do

Everything. Well, not quite. We don't build RDP houses or hand-stitch our own hipster doilies. But when it comes to the internet, Webafrica is your one-stop web shop. We bring you to the web and the web to you in a way that we think you'd appreciate. How? From expertly designed websites and world-class internet to easy hosting and water-tight security, everything we do is characterised by excellent service and Mzansi-friendly prices.
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Our Core Products

When it comes to the web, we've got you covered. Our ADSL and VDSL is speedy and our Fibre is even faster (up to 100 Mbps!). There's a prepaid ADSL option for those pay-as-you-go fans. Plus, if you're looking for help getting your Telkom line set up or want to move your website hosting to us, we can sort those details out for you too. We'll even pre-configure and ship your router to you.

On the hosting front we've got easy, flexible cloud-based VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) as well as shared and private options – each is available in a suite of packages designed to suit your needs.

We also take the hassle out of creating, hosting and maintaining your website. Having your website designed by us gets you a clean, business-focused website created by our expert team of copywriters and designers – all of this in just two weeks!

As for resellers, our innovative Virtual ISP programme means that sharing the Webafrica love – and success – has never been easier.

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Why Choose Webafrica?

From CEOs in Cape Town and mechanics in Midrand to poppies in Pretoria and students in Stellenbosch, we aim to please our clients, whoever they may be. Our wide range of professional products and services plus our dedication to customer service have been the key ingredients to our success over the last 16 years.

We're not into bragging (and we're obviously biased) but a quick Google search will reveal that the vast majority of people who pick Webafrica as their ISP of choice are pretty happy campers.

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