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Let's Help You Boost Your Sales

So, you are all signed up for our Refer & Earn Programme... now what? Let's help you boost those sales numbers! We have put together a few tips and tricks, latest news and reusable marketing material to assist you along the way.

A Reminder of How Our Refer & Earn Programme Works

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Have Your Unique Link Handy

You would've had your unique link sent to you via email, WhatsApp, and/or SMS. This link needs to be used when your referral signs up for one of our qualifying internet services in order for you to earn.

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Start Selling

Now you're ready to start raking in the sales! Share your referral link with your friends, family, and community and help them make a better connection with one of our awesome qualifying Fibre or Fixed LTE services. Scroll down to see all the goodies and tips we have put together to help you get the word out.

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Earn Cash

You will get up to R300 for each referral that makes their first invoice payment on a qualifying Fibre or Fixed LTE service. Once you have R500 or more, you can withdraw your cash! That means you only need a minimum of two sales on our R300 to cash out. Easy-peasy money in your pocket! T&Cs apply.

How You Can Reach Potential Customers

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With millions of South Africans using the internet every day, getting people to sign up online is the quickest and easiest way of growing your referral sales. Share your unique link on social media or in your local community Facebook/WhatsApp groups.

From Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, to sharing it on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram – it’s never been easier! Sit back, start sharing and build your referral base.

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If you're more of a face-to-face person, you can also do it the old-school way. Build trust in your community by selling directly to them:

  • star Walk around your neighbourhood and knock on some doors.
  • star Hand out flyers and business cards in your area.
  • star Attend community meetings and use it to network and get the word out.

Useful Resources to Help You

We want to help you even more! Selling can be easy-peasy with our Vuma Reach marketing pack. We have provided some useful digital and printable resources that you can download and use when going about your selling. Everything in the marketing pack provides a space for you to add YOUR OWN details.

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  • check_circle Flyers
  • check_circle Sign-up forms
  • check_circle Social media artwork
  • check_circle Website adverts
  • check_circle Business cards
  • check_circle Welcome brochure
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Get Familiar with Our Vuma Reach Packages

Get familiar with our Vuma Reach packages, the benefits of choosing Webafrica and the payment options that we have available. Remember: A good salesman is one who knows what they are selling!
10/10 Mbps*


20/10 Mbps


40/10 Mbps


100/50 Mbps


*Our 10/10Mbps package is only available in selected areas. Head over to our website's coverage map to check if your address qualifies.
Vuma Reach is only one of our many Fibre Network Operators. It's one of our most successful services on the Refer & Earn Programme but head over to our website to check out all our offerings so you can get even more referrals!

Why Your Referral Should Choose Webafrica Fibre


We’re all about getting you online chop-chop without hassles. That’s why we've ditched the installation cost to bring you free installation valued at R999. We will also supply you with a free WiFi router to ensure everyone in the house can enjoy the internet simultaneously.


Enjoy Unlimited data with your Fibre internet connection. Say goodbye to mobile data charges when you're at home. Yip, that means that you’ll never run out of data or have to pay expensive out of bundle data charges when you’re using the Fibre at home.


Easily connect multiple devices at the same time and let the whole family enjoy Unlimited entertainment. Let mom and dad watch their movies, the youngster their cartoons, all while you catch up on the latest sport. Everyone in the house can save money on expensive mobile data!


We offer you multiple ways to pay for our Fibre. From credit/debit cards to instant EFTs, EasyPay, Kazang, Snapscan, and many more to ensure your service never gets interrupted.


As with all technology, things could go wrong. At Webafrica, we make contacting us affordable. No money wasted on long call queues or emails that go astray. Simply chat to our dedicated team on WhatsApp or download our App for our Live Chat.


We are not a fly-by company! We have been around since 1997 and are here to stay. With over 350 000 happy customers, serviced by over 500 staff, we are dedicated to keeping South Africans connected. We are one of the fastest growing ISPs in the country!

Payment Options to Offer Vuma Reach Referrals

We offer two ways to pay for your Vuma Reach Fibre internet – monthly recurring payments where we deduct the amount each month from your credit/debit card, or manual payments via a prepaid 30-day voucher.
Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo. Payment option logo.


Fibre is the most reliable connection to the internet. This means a faster and better connection when downloading emails, files, website content, media-rich files, etc. Unlike Wireless/LTE data, your Fibre connection is not impacted by weather conditions


Forget using expensive data to watch your favourite TV series or movies. Open possibilities for endless entertainment from the best local and international content – if you think it, you can watch it!


Boost your career with online education! Using your fast, Unlimited Fibre internet, enrol for courses that are offered in digital classrooms. Give yourself the opportunity to study further within a few clicks.


You family can do assignments, homework and projects from the safety and comfort of their homes.


Keep in touch with friends and family with video calls or chats via social media such as Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), or WhatsApp without paying anything extra. Save a substantial amount on mobile data!


Enjoy a high-speed internet connection of 20Mbps download and 10Mbps upload speed – great for online gaming. Fibre is the best way to play your favourite racing games or simulated first-person shoot ‘em ups with minimised lag times.


Safely work from home without the hassle of commuting. Research new business opportunities and easily keep in touch with clients and the office via video calls, email and more.

Latest Tips & News

  • All you need to know about Vuma Reach: You've heard about Vuma Reach and have received a link from your Sales Programme affiliate – but what is this "Vuma Reach Fibre" we speak of? Read More
  • Top reasons to choose Fibre: If you're on the Refer & Earn Programme, your greatest sales will come from our awesome Fibre products as more South Africans are changing over to Fibre. Read More Read More
  • Top 10 uses of the internet: There's no question that the world is moving quickly with new technology, social media, new forms of online entertainment, ever-changing business models, and a wider scope of educational resources. It is all available at our fingertips and there is little reason why you shouldn’t be connected to the internet. Read More
  • Tips to growing your referral network: We've shared tips on how you can grow your referral base. Read More
  • 5 Tips on how to get your sales: The Refer & Earn Programme was designed to make it as easy as possible to rake in the cash and get sales. We’ve compiled some tips on how to get more sales Read More
  • 6 Questions to ask your referral:Part of the referring process is to ensure you find the right fit for your referral. The aim is for them to have an awesome internet experience and the best way to do that is to find out what their needs are. Read More
  • How to post on social media - Part 1: Social media is a great way to share your unique link with a large audience. We are here to show you exactly how to do so, step-by-step, in a two-part guide series that covers the most used social media platforms in South Africa. Read More
  • How to post on social media - Part 2: Here’s the second edition of us helping you to share your unique link with audiences far and wide. In Part 1 we shared how to use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok as marketing tools. Now check our next big platforms you could use. Read More
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What is the Webafrica Refer & Earn Programme?

Our Refer & Earn programme allows you to work in your own time and at your own pace. There is no joining fee, and you can choose which platform to use to make sales. It's just you, your unique link and a world of possibilities. Simply refer one of our Fibre/Fixed LTE internet services and earn up to R300 in cash!

How It Works?

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Get Your Unique Link

You will have your unique link sent to you via email, WhatsApp and/or SMS once you have signed up. This link needs to be used when your referral orders one of our qualifying internet services, in order for you to earn up to R300.

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Start Selling

Start raking in the sales by sharing your unique referral link with your friends, family, and community and help them make a better connection with one of our awesome qualifying Fibre or Fixed LTE services.

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Earn Cash

You will get up to R300 for each referral that makes their first invoice payment on a qualifying Fibre or Fixed LTE service. Once you have R500 or more, you can withdraw your cash! That means you only need a minimum of two sales on our R300 to cash out. Easy-peasy money in your pocket! T&Cs apply.

2023 Leaderboard

In the last financial year, we have paid out over R5 000 000 (yes, MILLION) to various members of our Refer & Earn Programme. Have a look at our top 10 for 2023*:

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Name Region Amount Earned
person Andrew pin_drop WC R247 000
person Jake pin_drop WC R198 600
person Sibongile pin_drop Limpopo R191 700
person Clifton pin_drop Gauteng R184 200
person Simon pin_drop Gauteng R161 800
person 0kgonne pin_drop Gauteng R160 500
person Courtney pin_drop Gauteng R152 700
person Cebo pin_drop Eastern Cape R152 100
person Tshepo pin_drop Gauteng R146 300
person Tommy pin_drop Gauteng R141 400

*Full names/details have been withheld for privacy reasons to comply with POPIA. The amount calculated is for the 2023 financial year (March 2023-February 2024).

Benefits of Joining


For every sale you bring in, you will earn up to R300 once the referral pays their first invoice and goes active. Once your balance hits R500 (that's just two sales) you can withdraw your cash!


Be your own boss. You decide on your work hours, and how you go about signing up referrals. You can decide if you want to print marketing material, or digitally share your link – it's all flexible and up to you!


It costs you nothing to sign up. We will provide you with marketing material (flyers, business cards, digital artwork and more) and even pass on some helpful tips and tricks to ensure you are geared up to get sales.


Whether you are already employed, in between jobs, starting a new career, or studying – you can earn a little extra cash to do with as you please.


You can sell directly to friends, family and your community, or go national through the use of social media – grow as big as you want to.


You don’t have to deal with any admin! Your referral orders directly via your unique link. And that's it – we do the rest! You don’t have to spend any time or money as WE do all the work.


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Log Into Your Refer & Earn Customer Zone

View everything you need such as the number of referrals, which sales have earned you commission, pending balances and your available balance to withdraw. You can also withdraw your balance (if you’ve reached R500 or more) here.

You will only be able to log in if you have an account. If you don’t have one yet, easily create one here.

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