What Is Webafrica Voice?

Webafrica Voice is our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which allows you to make calls using your internet connection, rather than that of traditional copper phone lines (such as Telkom).

With Webafrica Voice you can replace your outdated analogue phone with a future-proof pre-configured VoIP phone. We will supply you with a free unique 087 number, or you can make use of your existing landline number (such as your Telkom voice line) ‐ the choice is yours!

Our Voice Packages

Webafrica VoIP packages are all pre-paid at the start of the month, but if you run out of minutes you can always top up.

Choose the package that best suits your calling requirements.

Enjoy 3 Months of Free Access
What you need to know
  • Promotion: Get 3 Months Free Access!
  • Transfer your existing landline number for FREE
  • Approximate Local Minutes
  • National & International Calls Allowed
  • International roaming
  • You will be required to RICA
  • Use on a hard phone or your mobile

Why Choose Webafrica Voice?


Save On Your Telephone Bill

Enjoy free calls to other Webafrica Voice users and pay just R0.45 per minute for all local, national and cellular calls. With Telkom, you will pay up to R0.63 per minute for local and national while being charged up to R1.30 per minute to mobile numbers.


Improved Stability

Say goodbye to the unpredictability of copper cabling. The use of VoIP services over a Fibre line ensures that you are always connected (as long as Eskom does not cut the power!).


No More Dealings With Telkom

You deal with us, and ONLY us - even if you choose to transfer your current number! Everything you need for your new VoIP line, can be done via the VoIP Interface or our support experts.


Use Your Existing Number

Upon signing up, you will be allocated a Webafrica Voice number which you can use straight away. You can choose to transfer your existing voice line number over to your Webafrica Voice service and cancel your previous account.


Call Forwarding

Not anywhere near your VoIP phone? Not a problem. You can easily jump onto your VoIP interface and choose when and where (including mobile and other landline numbers) to divert any calls.


International Roaming

Leaving the country for a while and need your VoIP service? No problem! All you need is a stable internet connection. You can choose up to 10 countries from where you will be able to make calls.


Instant Notifications

Worried you will run out of airtime? Fear not! Choose to be notified when you are nearing your airtime limit via email and/or SMS. We will also inform you when your airtime has been depleted.


Call History

Unlike your landline and a lot like your mobile device – you have up-to-date access to your call history logs, whether incoming or outgoing.


Your Webafrica Voice Interface

The power is in your hands! Unlike traditional landline accounts where you are just not sure, we supply you with login details to your interface so you can configure, and change settings according to your usage and needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Call On Webafrica Voice?

Please note that this only applies to the Capped packages. Using Webafrica Voice is cheaper than using your Telkom voice line to make a call – see the rates of the most popular countries below. Using Webafrica Voice is cheaper than using your Telkom landline to make a call. See our rates for the most popular countries below:

Voice Call Rates
Webafrica to Webafrica Free
South Africa From R0.45/minute
United States (+1) From R0.12/minute
United Kingdom (+44) From R0.17/minute
Australia (+61) From R0.33/minute
New Zealand (+64) From R0.34/minute
Germany (+49) From R0.09/minute

Please Note: Our international call rates are updated on a monthly basis to reflect exchange rate fluctuations. Once signed up, your Webafrica Voice interface will showcase call rates for all countries. International calls do not apply to Uncapped packages. View the full list of international call rates, here.

How Does Webafrica Voice Work?

Click to play the three step VoIP process.

network_wifiStep 1 ‐ Internet Connectivity

Your ISP (Webafrica of course!) supplies Fasterfast internet connection to your router. Your VoIP adapter is plugged into your router and transmits a wireless signal to your preconfigured phone(s).

refreshStep 2 ‐ Voice Conversion

Your voice is then converted into digital information which is transmitted like any other data via your VoIP adapter and router, back to Webafrica’s trusted servers.

local_phoneStep 3 ‐ Recipient

The digital information is forwarded to the recipient who will receive the information as voice transmission on either their landline, VoIP phone or mobile device. If the call is to a fellow Webafrican, then calls are FREE, but if not expect to pay less than your current landline provider.
It's that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions