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Which is Right for Me?

Uncapped v Capped

Uncapped means that you can use the internet as much as you want (subject to our transparent and fair Acceptable Use Policy - AUP); capped internet simply means there is a set limit to your internet usage.

We offer three types of Home ADSL products - Home Uncapped, Home Capped and Home Capped Pro. The Pro package comes at a slightly higher cost but is packed with extra features and receives prioritised bandwidth.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information on our General ADSL Usage Policy.

Why you need Uncapped

Tired of monitoring your internet usage? Then uncapped internet is for you. With Web Africa Uncapped, a fixed monthly fee gives you access to a month’s worth of unlimited data. There are no hidden costs, making uncapped perfect for most users. Remember that with an uncapped package you pay for the speed at which you access data, not the amount of data you use.

Why you need Capped

Capped internet gives you a fixed amount of data that you can use as you like. You pay upfront for your data (also called gigs or bandwidth), and the speed at which you can access them is dictated by your ADSL line. Capped data has a higher quality priority on our network and is ideal for online gamers, small offices or work-from-home businesses as well as those who know how much data they use each month.

What line speed (Mbps) options do I have?

  • 1Mbps

    Good for general browsing, social media usage, online banking and emailing, 1Mbps is ideal for 1-2 simultaneous users.

  • 2Mbps

    Best for all-round internet use for you and your family. It's a faster connection at a very affordable price and ideal for 2-3 simultaneous users.

  • 4Mbps

    Delivering fast internet at a great price for 4-5 simultaneous users, 4Mbps is ideal for online videos, gaming, social media and online calls as well as quick downloads. No wonder it's our most popular speed!

  • 10Mbps

    You 'll enjoy a blisteringly quick internet experience with 10Mbps, the perfect deal for media-rich data, viewing online videos in High Definition and super-fast downloads. Ideal for an online-active family, it also helps keep lag to an absolute minimum.

What does Mbps mean?

Mbps stands for Megabits per second - the speed that data travels on the internet. In practical terms, ‘speed’ simply means how fast you can browse and download internet content. The more speed you have, the faster your files will download. For example, downloading 1GB will take just over two hours on a 1Mbps connection but only 14 minutes on a 10Mbps connection.

Bundled versus Unbundled

A bundled product solution is one where an ADSL line and a data package are purchased at the same time. In contrast, an unbundled product is one which is purchased alone (ie. An ADSL line without data OR data without an ADSL line). We do not offer customers the option to purchase unbundled products; hence the following scenario is relevant: If a bundled solution is purchased initially and the data portion is subsequently cancelled, then the remaining ADSL line is classified as an unbundled product. The unbundled ADSL line will now attract a higher cost (Extra costs range from R15 – R50 pm depending on your line speed).

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Always excellent service from Web Africa, and super fast ADSL as long as T####m isn't messing things up!


Why Choose Web Africa?

Rapid Activation

We'll have you online in no time! No forms, no faxes, simply sign up online or call us.

Fast & Reliable Network

To ensure you enjoy the best possible online experience, our network is provided by Internet Solutions, one of the top internet providers in Africa.

No Contracts

Simplified billing, easy terms and no contracts. Pay upfront for extra discounts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADSL?

Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is the technology that allows data from the internet to be transferred over copper telephone lines. ADSL is activated on your existing landline and provides fast, stable and affordable connectivity.

What is Broadband?

Broadband is a term most commonly used to refer to all general forms of fast internet access including satellite, wireless, ADSL, fibre and mobile (3G and LTE).

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi lets you access your ADSL internet at home or the office via Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and even some television sets. Turn your home into a Wi-Fi zone with a wireless-enabled router (available directly through us) and your ADSL connection.

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What do I need to get connected?

With Web Africa you only need four things:

  1. A monthly-billed Telkom telephone line.
  2. An ADSL line through us at a reduced rate or via Telkom directly.
  3. A router which you can buy from us
  4. Your ADSL data through us.

There's great value in choosing Web Africa to provide your ADSL Broadband line: not only will you enjoy a reduced monthly rate (see below) but our team of experts will deal with Telkom directly to set it up for you and we'll also deal with any problems on your behalf!

Line speeds Telkom ADSL
line prices
Web Africa ADSL line prices You save
Up to 2Mbps R165pm R150pm R180pa
Up to 4Mbps R299pm R250pm R588pa
Up to 10Mbps R425pm R400pm R300pa

How much do I save if I rent my line through Web Africa?

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Should I consider Business Internet?

If speed and uptime are critical to your business and you need that extra edge, we recommend our Business ADSL packages. Featuring Titanium Quality bandwidth and backed by priority support, these packages ensure the fastest service possible.

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What if I want to upgrade, downgrade or cancel?

You can upgrade or downgrade your ADSL broadband account at any time simply by logging onto our easy-to-use Customer Zone and choosing your new package. Upgrades are instant; downgrades are activated at month end if initiated before the 20th of that month. There are also no contracts so if you want to cancel your service, you just give us a calendar months' notice - it's as simple as that.

Web Africa doesn't do contracts so if you want to cancel our service, just give us a calendar month's notice - it's as simple as that! And although we can't speak for the other guys, we have no hidden setup or cancellation fees or any sundry costs.

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How reliable is Web Africa?

Established in 1997, we're a proudly South African company with over 35 000 satisfied customers and a reputation as one of the country's top internet service providers.

Part of our success is down to the fact that we've partnered with one of the biggest network providers in Africa to ensure the quickest and most reliable internet experience for our customers; take a look at our extensive ADSL network and you'll see what we mean.

But it's not just about speed and reliability. Our Web Hosting has been designed to global best practices and delivers bank-grade security complete with 24/7 monitoring, disaster recovery and high speed connectivity. And in case things go wrong, you can depend on us: our technical support team is on call every day of the year to ensure high uptime. If you need us, we're just a phone call, email or live chat away.

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@webafrica service is excellent! Been with you for sometime now. Keep up the good work!


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