There is so much to do online.

Luckily we have put together the definitive list of online apps, activities and websites to check out, now that you have uncapped internet at your disposal.

Whether you’re a new Fibre user or you’ve been connected to the best for a while, we think you’ll enjoy these super cool things to do online as much as we do.

Super Cool Things To Do Online:

Stream Movies and Series

If you’re still watching scheduled television you are living a half-life. It’s time to embrace the present and level up to streaming your flick fix on Showmax or Netflix . Another option to look at if you’re already a die-hard DSTV subscriber is DSTV Now. There are other streaming sites out there, too, but in South Africa these are the big guns. They are easy to sign up with, and most offer free trials, so you can try them all and make an educated choice.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Smart TV, yet. You can also Stream with your regular TV.If you’re ready to take your viewing even further into the future, why not check out 4K Streaming ?

Online Gaming

For many (and we mean MANY), the best-loved thing about uncapped internet on a high-speed connection is online  Gaming . Gamers can play in real-time with peers around the globe. What kind of games you play depends on you, but here are some tips on getting the best gaming experience on your connection. Or you can just kick back and relax while watching your favourite YouTuber do the game play. Not sure where to start? Check out Steam for ideas.


If you prefer real-life sport to gaming, then you’ll be glad to know that there’s a stadium full of sporting websites to keep you up to date with  the latest scores, Sport news and even stream the big games.

Expand your mind with TED Talks

We love TED talks . No list of cool stuff online would be complete without TED Talks. Whatever you’re interested in – there is probably a TED Talk about it. Want to ace your next interview? TED. Want to understand why bees fly the way they do? TED. Want to be a better person, learn how to spot a liar, or just have your mind blown by any random and fantastic information in 15 minutes or less? TED. TED talks are all 15 minutes or less, and they all consist of experts talking about their subject.

Stay Fit and Healthy

If you want to Stay Fit we have just the thing for you. There are so many online channels and apps dedicated to fitness, diet and good health. YouTube is a goldmine of free resources for the fitness inclined -from Yoga to Weights and everything in-between – there’s a dedicated YouTube channel waiting for you. There are also plenty of paid subscription services if you want a real-life, dedicated coach.

Stream Music

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzschefamously said “Without music, life would be a mistake”. We couldn’t agree with him more.  There are a lot of great streaming options for music, both free and paid. These are generally considered to be the favorites in SA: YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, 8Tracks, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Tidal. Whew! What a list!


For those who love a good story, or who have an interest in, well, anything! It’s not all about YouTube. There are plenty of great Podcasts to entertain you while your hands are busy with the dishes, the laundry, whatever.

Keep the Kids Busy

There is more to keeping your kids busy online than just streaming TV shows (although there are plenty of good ones)! Why not Teach the Kids to Type or Help your Kids Study  or, find some creative online resources to help you Entertain the Kids  for hours?

The list is almost as endless as the internet itself! If you have any great online activities to share with us, be sure leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #Webafrica #bestthingonline 🙂

More things you can do with your internet: 


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